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A recent survey conducted by mobile GPS company Telenav makes an interesting (and funny!) reading.  According to their findings, many Americans would be happy to give up some of life’s simple pleasures if it means they can hang on to their mobile phones.

The survey revealed that:

  • 74% would give up alcohol for a week rather than their smartphones
  • 55% would rather forgo caffeine
  • 33% would rather give up sex
  • 22% would rather use a toothbrush
  • 21% would rather go without their shoes

Other interesting findings?

  • 50% of android owners ‘believe their phone reflects their sense of style’ versus 43% for Windows and 35% for iPhone
  • Only 45% of iPhone users have never paid more than a dollar for an app, compared to 62% on Android and 63% on Windows.
  • 34% of iPhone users check their phones at the dinner table, compared to 20% for Android and Windows phone users

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