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What were the top 10 Mobile Apps downloaded in 2011

With all the world talking about  mobile apps, you might wonder what were the most popular. Here is the mobile app ‘balance sheet’ for 2011:

“A new report from mobile analytics app company Distimo looked at data on downloads across all platforms such as iOS and Android, and also factored in the free and paid versions of the apps. Angry Birds made the list not only once, but three times, thanks to its Rio and Seasons editions.

The report also revealed that although there are over a million mobile apps available for download across the top seven major app stores, the iTunes App Store is still tops. For the iPhone alone, it brings in about four times the revenue generated in the Google Android Market. Meanwhile, the App Store for the iPad rakes in more than double the revenue of the Android Market.

As for which apps are the most popular overall, can you guess which rounded out the top ten? Click and see!

1. Angry Birds

2. Facebook

3. Skype

4. Angry Birds Rio

5. Google Maps

6. iBooks

7. Angry Birds Seasons

8. Fruit Ninja

9. Talking Tom

10. Twitter”

What was your favorite mobile app of the year?  And why was it your favorite app?

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