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Twitter and mobile phones are peas in a pod.  They are a perfect match.

It is not surprising then that over the last 7 months, Twitter has experienced astonishing growth particularly with its smartphone users.

Both the number of users and their tweets have risen sharply.

A Pew Research survey found that twice as many American internet users aged 25-44 used Twitter in May 2011 versus six months earlier.  In May 13% of connected US adults were on Twitter versus 8% in November.

According to Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO, the figures are probably much greater than that and he attributes much of that growth to an increase in mobile usage.  According to the Pew study, over 50% of US Twitter users access the service from a mobile device.

An independent study done by ComScore reiterates the theme of the Twitter growth and estimates a 47% increase in unique visitors to Twitters website in the last year, bringing it to 123m people globally.

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