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    Small Business Alert: It’s Still Not Too Late for Mobile Marketing This Christmas!

Small Business Alert: It’s Still Not Too Late for Mobile Marketing This Christmas!

Mobile marketing is not just for the Big Guys, it is also perfect for small businesses.
It is still not too late for you to employ a mobile marketing strategy for the Christmas season. The world has been a flutter with mobile’s performance on both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Why miss out on a lot more sales. And the best part about it is if you prepare for the Christmas season now, you will reap the benefit from your mobile marketing strategies well into the New Year.
Here are 5 ideas from Mashable to get you going:
“1. Create a Specialized Mobile Holiday App

One study shows that 43% of mobile shoppers have downloaded a retail app. Even if you already offer an app for your business, consider creating an app especially for the holiday season — it will do even more to attract last-minute shoppers.

With a number of low-cost, DIY tools available on the market, small businesses can easily create and update universal apps that can be ready for distribution the same day. In addition to holiday specials and store hours, your app should include a feedback form and some sort of coupon designed to boost sales during the post-holiday slump. Your feedback form should ask customers what kind of mobile outreach they would be most receptive to and collect their mobile numbers for your 2012 campaigns.

2. Build your Mobile Database
If even the simplest app is beyond your reach right now, collecting customer mobile numbers will be critical for your 2012 campaigns. The increase in store traffic during the holidays will translate to a larger database. Hand customers their very last paper coupon at the point-of-sale to redeem in-store post-holiday, in exchange […]

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Ten Most Important Mobile Moments of the Year

It is that time of the year again.  We look back. And we look forward.  This was a watershed year for mobile marketing.  Why don’t we look back on 10 key highlights compiled by Adage?
“Location-Based Services Partner for Scale
Foursquare partnered with AmEx; Shopkick went with the CW. Location-based companies proved great at raising capital but not so great at getting a mass of consumers to check in to locations on an ongoing basis. Two of the leading players wisely evolved their strategy. AmEx now rewards Foursquare check-ins at participating merchants with Rewards Points, a more appealing prospect than being the mayor of a coffee shop. Shopkick, which initially required users to turn on the app when entering a store to get points toward merchandise, now rewards people for pointing their phone at the screen while watching TV ads from participating merchants. Consumers can wallow in the smartphone-driven plots of “Gossip Girl” and get points for focusing on the ads.
Google Pulls Ahead
According to mobile ad network Millennial, Android drove the biggest volume of ad impressions in mobile media in January. By October, 56% of all ad impressions running through its system came from Android devices, compared with 28% from Apple devices. Just a year before, the two were neck-and-neck. It all proves that open systems, great prices and broad availability can flip the tables on an established leader.
An Apple Device Gets Metered
Even closed systems sometimes open doors, at least in mobile. In January, Nielsen began metering smartphone activity on iOS platforms. We now know just how often people access weather and play “Angry Birds” — and we hope the industry will stop using downloads as a measure of consumer engagement.
Macy’s Parades Its QR Codes
QR codes are […]

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    Mobile Marketing Requires You Master The Art of “Less Is More”

Mobile Marketing Requires You Master The Art of “Less Is More”

Just when you thought you cracked the code on online communications, the world throws a curve ball at you called mobile marketing!

And yes mobile marketing and mobile communications requires a totally different type of communication style. The rule of the day for mobile marketing is ‘less is more’. There is no room for fat. No room for extraneous information. In other words, mobile marketing and mobile communications requires that you get to the essence of your message immediately.

Here are some tips of how to find, optimize and share your content for mobile devices:

“Mobile readers want bite-sized info

Whether your readers are using smartphones or you are communicating via SMS, they really do want brief, easy-to-read content.

That means shorter paragraphs, fewer jargon-filled expressions, more objective information and (please, please, please) not so many images, thanks.

Where to get your content

If you already create or curate content on your own website, you should be spinning off a mobile-optimized version for your readers.

Just edit down the copywriting, break it into smaller chunks and focus on the most important bits.

If your mobile audience is a specific type of user (such as a salespeople), then you can further target the content you gather and share with them around that topic.

Using a tool like Twitter is a great way to find lots of interesting and useful information from others in your niche. (It’s also a great way to share your own content with mobile readers!)”

How to share

Just like your regular website, you need to share your curated and self-published content through different methods.

For mobile, that means using tools that are popular and accessible to (and used by) your audience. Not everyone has smartphones, and many successful mobile marketing campaigns […]

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“And The Winner of The Mobile Marketing Category Is…”

2011 was the year of mobile marketing. Mobile splashed upon the scene in a big way and in the form of some extraordinary products.
According to Dan Rowinski, here are the top ten Mobile Products of 2011. If you don’t have them (or know about) them, you should:
“1. Square

“And The Winner of The Mobile Marketing Category Is…”
To understand Square is to fundamentally understand the changing nature of money as information and the ability to turn money into digital bits that can be transferred anywhere without the use of hard currency. The example we like to use at ReadWriteWeb is the ability to pay at your local farmer’s market or in a taxicab. With its dongle reader, Square aims to make mobile payment transactions a ubiquitous and accepted activity. The company did not rest on its laurels this year though. It cannot, especially with so much competition in the mobile payments dongle space from companies like Intuit, Verifone and Erply among others.

This year, Square introduced the concept of Amazon-style one-click buying to real world merchants with the Square Card Case. It also turned the iPad into a point-of-sale terminal with Square Register. Square updated its app to be speedier and more efficient and the Card Case evolved to the point where it is more or less like having an open tab at your favorite retailer tied to your bank account. Pain points at the point of sale? That is what Square is trying to alleviate and it took great strides this year to that end. Square also went to the 2.75% flat fee on transactions, lowering the industry standard and forcing every one else in the ecosystem to play catch up. It has […]

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    How B2B Companies Can Tap Into the Power of Mobile Marketing

How B2B Companies Can Tap Into the Power of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is not only for B2C markets but is just as appropriate for B2B marketers. But as much as there is a flood of information for the consumer-oriented mobile marketer, there is a dearth of information for the B2B marketer

Corey Eridon, in a recent article, outlines six helpful way that B2B marketers can optimize their mobile marketing and mobile presence:

“1.) Optimize your website and downloadable content. A site that looks great on someone’s desktop isn’t going to translate well to a tiny rectangular screen. To create a mobile-friendly site, you can simply change the way your site is organized when displayed on a mobile phone or create an entirely new mobile site. You should ensure your downloadable content is also optimized as you make these changes. Start with your most frequently downloaded content, and work your way down. If your blog reads well on a smartphone and your most popular whitepaper/ebook only asks readers to scroll up and down, not right and left, you’re sure to be a go-to distraction for weary business (and holiday!) travelers.

2.) Create audio content out of your long-form content. While mobile readers will be stoked to read that super popular whitepaper you’ve kindly mobile optimized for them, they might love you even more if they can listen to it. Leverage the unique capabilities of smartphones and mobile devices, and publish recordings of your long-form content. If you’re a gifted videographer, video content is a great content asset for your mobile audience, too.

3.) Add social sharing buttons. If people love your content on their desktop computers, they’ll love it on their mobile devices, too. So make it easy for them to share! Include social sharing functionality on each […]

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Mobile Marketing Magic with McDonalds

I love examples of successful mobile campaigns.  Since its early days for mobile marketing, we can all benefit from looking at campaigns that work well.

Here is a description of what fast food giant McDonalds has been up to in the field of mobile marketing.

Here is how their campaign works:

“The mobile ads reads “How Wholesome is Your Breakfast? Test Your Memory Skills to Find Out. Play Now.”

When consumers tap on the mobile banner ads they are redirected to a mobile landing page where they can sharpen their memory skills about McDonald’s Wholesome Breakfast.

Via the memory game, users are encouraged to tap and match each breakfast item.

Consumers can play the memory game

Consumers also have the option of skipping the game.

If they do that, they are taken to a mobile page that promotes McDonald’s healthy items which are 300 calories or less.

Users can also choose to find the nearest location to try out the products, check out the company’s site where they can look up more nutrition facts or play the game again.

The company is also incorporating social features within the ad that redirect users to its Facebook and Twitter pages.”

This is just the latest in a series of mobile efforts launched by McDonalds. Here are some of the other things they have done.

“Earlier this year McDonald’s used foursquare to promote is new McCafe Shakes and raise money for its Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Consumers were encouraged to check-in on foursquare at any restaurant in the Philadelphia region and send their check-in to Twitter with a @McDPhilly mention.

For every check-in received, McDonald’s donated $1 to Ronald McDonald House Charities”

For the full original article on McDonalds mobile marketing

Want to learn more about mobile marketing?

If you like this post, please share […]

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Predictions for Mobile Marketing in 2012

One benefit of being a MarketingSherpa reporter is I get to interview marketers from companies of all sizes and business sectors, and marketing industry experts for the case studies and how-to articles we publish in our newsletters.
Mobile marketing hit the ground running is 2011.  However, we haven’t seen anything yet. According to the industry giant MarketingSherpa, we can expect to see mobile continuing its upward spiral in 2012 but there will nonetheless be challenges on the way:
“A few mobile predictions for the next year

For instance, I recently spoke with Andrew Martin, Vice President, Metia, a digital marketing agency with multiple international offices, for an upcoming consumer marketing article. At one point, we took a little detour into what is going on in the mobile space and what marketers should be thinking about over the next year.

“I think mobile is obviously moving at a critical pace,” says Martin. “And it can often be daunting to try and keep up.”

He mentions one issue in the simple sheer number of mobile applications out there.

“I think the Apple App Store has over 400,000 applications. That makes it more and more difficult to differentiate yourself,” Martin explains.

And it’s not just applications.

Martin says, “A number of years ago, Nokia became the biggest camera manufacturer in the world, and that was an indication of where mobile would be going.”

He says this spread of cameras on phones served as one indication of how mobile devices are changing how people interact with everyday items, creating new marketing opportunities, and how “that convenience is a huge opportunity for brands and people.”

Martin adds that marketers should pay attention to technological changes with mobile, such as HTML5 and the attempt to get more consistency across different browsers and […]

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