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The first 3 Dimensional advertisement for the IPad has launched.
Created by Cooliris, the ad promotes the US Weather Channel by following the award-winning photographer, Peter Lik, around the US as he attempts to take the ‘perfect’ photo.
The naysayers believe these kind of 3D ads will take some time before they catch on in a big way.
Currently mobile advertising is dominated by simple text messages and banner ads which are simply static display images at the top or bottom of the phone screen.
Many argue that, while banner ads are a low cost way to advertise on mobile phones, they are not very effective because so many users find them annoying and rarely click on them.
According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, banner ads contribute 24% of a record $26 bn spent on online advertising. And while no statistics are available specifically for mobile, the IAB estimates that total revenue for mobile banner ads probably hovers between $550-$650 million in the US annually.
Why haven’t we seen 3D mobile ads sooner?
Until very recently, the biggest obstacle to 3D advertising has been the graphics processor.  The new generation devices like Ipad, Iphone and Android boast processors that are effective, fast and efficient and so enable the user to display 3D.
Of course not all phones have this capacity.  So the growth of 3D mobile ad campaigns will be limited by the devices themselves.  Despite the phenomenal growth of smart phones, the majority of users still have feature phones rather than smart phones.  It will probably be many years before a large majority of people will even have the ability to […]