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What were the top 10 Mobile Apps downloaded in 2011

With all the world talking about  mobile apps, you might wonder what were the most popular. Here is the mobile app ‘balance sheet’ for 2011:
“A new report from mobile analytics app company Distimo looked at data on downloads across all platforms such as iOS and Android, and also factored in the free and paid versions of the apps. Angry Birds made the list not only once, but three times, thanks to its Rio and Seasons editions.
The report also revealed that although there are over a million mobile apps available for download across the top seven major app stores, the iTunes App Store is still tops. For the iPhone alone, it brings in about four times the revenue generated in the Google Android Market. Meanwhile, the App Store for the iPad rakes in more than double the revenue of the Android Market.
As for which apps are the most popular overall, can you guess which rounded out the top ten? Click and see!
1. Angry Birds
2. Facebook
3. Skype
4. Angry Birds Rio
5. Google Maps
6. iBooks
7. Angry Birds Seasons
8. Fruit Ninja
9. Talking Tom
10. Twitter”
What was your favorite mobile app of the year?  And why was it your favorite app?
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Retailers Fall In Love with Mobile Apps

It appears that mobile phone apps are emerging as a key shopping tool.  While perhaps not replacing the clipped coupon, mobile apps are widely used by consumers looking for the best bargain.

Here is how it works:
“Download and launch the Shopkick application onto an iPhone or Android smartphone, for example. Then walk into an American Eagle Outfitters store, stand still at the entrance for a few seconds and collect 35 points, or “kicks,” toward a gift card.
There are apps that compare prices, provide discounts, compile and share shopping lists, keep track of receipts and, of course, make purchases. Many can be downloaded at no cost.
“The big story this year is the prevalence and usage overall of these mobile tools, and the spike we are seeing in it,” said Paige Beal, a Point Park University marketing professor. For many, “the cell phone is the most intimate connection we have. A lot of people sleep with their phones on a table next to them.”
Half of adult cell phone owners now have apps on their devices that do various things, the Pew Research Center said, based on results from a recent survey.
But app use while shopping remains new.
Consumer electronics site said 43 percent of people it surveyed who own smartphones — cell phones with Internet access — have installed a retailer’s app. Only 14 percent have used an app to make a purchase, but 42 percent use their phones to compare prices.
Travis Kress, 19, of Shaler, has used the RedLaser barcode scanning app to check prices on items he’s interested in. “There are QR code signs all over the mall,” he said, referring to the square, “smart” quick response barcodes that give product details when scanned, and are […]

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Move Over Iphone Apps…Androids are Here

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In 2011, the Android share of the US smartphone market has surged while Blackberry has dropped. According to comScore, Android phones constitute around 30% of the market, BlackBerry is second with 29% and Apple third with 25%.

One of the results is there is a mad rush to create more Android apps.

In March, there were 333,000 iPhone applications in its App Store.  But Google’s Android Market has 206,000 apps and its growing fast.  Experts are assuming that the Android Market will take over in terms of quantity of apps very shortly.

In March 2011, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace had 12,000 applications, Nokia Ovi Store had 30,000 and Blackberry had 27,000.

Advertisers of all sizes are seeing the potential to target consumers on smartphones and tablet computers.  Some experts argue that the mobile app is one of the most powerful vehicles for ads that have ever existed because it is both one-on-one and location-based.

Still there are two questions on everyone’s mind.  First, how can you get noticed given the already crowded app marketplace?  And second, how can you make money with your app?

Consumers love ‘free’ so advertisers need to be clever how they monetize whether it is through advertising, selling virtual goods or making money from in-application transactions.

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Warning: Did You Know Your Smart Phone Can Help You Study Better?

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Love your smart phone?  You will love this list of smartphone apps that will help you study better by Jill Duffy of PC magazine.  Enjoy!

Making Files Accessible
Evernote iPhone app (free, 4 stars)
iPad app (free, 3 stars)
Evernote for Windows Phone 7 app
Evernote for Android phone app
Evernote Web app (free, 3.5 stars)
Dropbox (free, 4 stars)
Dropbox for iPad (free, 3.5 stars)

Note Taker HD ($4.99, 4.5 stars)
Penultimate (99 cents, 4 stars)
Awesome Note (+ Todo) for iPhone ($3.99, 4 stars)
Advanced Task Killer for Android (free)
Note-taking Apps for the iPhone
Note-taking Apps for the iPad
10 Must-Have Android Apps

Reading and Research
Quick Cite for iPhone (99 cents, 3 stars)
Instapaper Pro ($4.99 for iPad, 4 stars)
Wikipedia’s iOS app (free)’s mobile app for Android (free)
for iPhone (free)

Music, Movies, TV
Apple iTunes (free, 4 stars)
Pandora Radio (free to $36 per year, 3.5 stars)
Pandora Radio for iPhone (free, 4.5 stars)
Pandora Radio for Android phones (free, 4 stars)
Netflix ($7.99 per month)
Netflix app for Android (3.5 stars, free with account)
Netflix for iPhone (4 stars, free with account)
Netflix for iPad (4 stars, free with account)
Hulu (free, 4 stars)
Hulu Plus ($7.99 per month, 3.5 stars
Hulu for iPhone (free for app; requires membership from $7.99 per month; 3.5 stars)
Hulu for iPad (free for app; requires membership from $7.99 per month; 4 stars)

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The Mobile App Addiction

(Want to learn more about how to succeed in mobile marketing? Please download my free “Secrets to Successful Mobile Marketing” video now) According to Flurry, an apps analytic firm, mobile app use overtook both the mobile and desktop web in June 2011.  Their results show that consumers spend an average of 81 minutes per day on mobile apps and 74 minutes on the web. The most popular apps?  The games and social networking categories represent the significant majority of app usage.  Consumers spend half their time playing games and 30% connect with social networks.  These two categories alone account for 79% of total mobile app time. Click here to learn more about the Secrets to Successful Mobile Marketing!

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Innovative Car Apps Just For You

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Move over AngryBirds.  Some of the most interesting apps available on the market today are for your car! (Hint: To find these, just search in Apple iTunes or the Android Market)


MyChevrolet is a free download available for iPhone and Android.   It works through the OnStar MyLink service.  Once you have it installed, you can do the following:

Check your tire pressure. If you check the pressure and find you have a flat tire, you can report the problem and request help.
See the fuel or charge level
Lock and unlock your doors
Request roadside assistance
Parking ‘meter’.  When you park, you set a timer and get an alert when your meter has expired.

MyChevrolet comes with a great tutorial that will teach you how to use features on the dashboard that aren’t always easy to find, including the switch for fog lights!

Mercedes-Benz mbrace

The Mbrace app is available for iPhone and Blackberry and lets you do the following:

Unlock or lock your car
Triggers an alarm if a criminal approaches
Through Google Maps, sends navigation directions
Find your car (if you forgot where you parked it!)
Report a collision, stolen vehicle or any other emergency

OnStar MyLink

The OnStar MyLink app is available for iPhone and Android.  You can use this app with many different GM models.  You can do the following:

Check your fuel level with a feature that lets you know how many more miles you can drive before running out of gas
Check remaining oil life (i.e. when you need to change your oil!)
Lock and unlock your car
Trigger a remote start
Flash the horn and lights in an emergency (or if you need to find […]

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Mobile App or Mobile Website?

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Brands with limited budgets often ask the question: should I build a mobile site or a mobile app?

Mobile apps are viewed by many designers as to be the optimal way to provide a rich user experience on mobile.

However there are some inherent problems with the mobile app:

The most successful iPhone app which becomes viral enough to be passed to every single user on the iPhone platform will still only reach 7% of the total mobile market.  A mobile website has the potential to reach 100% of mobile web users.

Many iPhone apps require the current version of iOS to run and cannot be used on first-generation iPod touches, which represent 10% of iPhone traffic.  The Android market is equally if not more fragmented.  Once again mobile websites can normally be accessible to everyone.

It may be a myth that users prefer a mobile app.  Research actually shows that most users prefer mobile websites over mobile apps (Adobe, eMarketer, InsightExpress),not to mention that more people use mobile websites than apps

It is extremely difficult to rank your mobile app on Google or Bing.  Having said that, you can optimize your app for the app stores but it requires some specialized knowledge.
Apps help the SEO of iTunes, Android Market, or Blackberry App World but not your website.  A mobile website (even at m.subdomains) can ultimately benefit your rankings for your .com site

Most apps are downloaded once and then […]

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