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Understanding Your Mobile Audience Through Analytics

It is obvious that mobile is a force to be reckoned with.  But the best way to really understand this is looking at the hard cold numbers.   And the ideal way to do this is to integrate web analytics into your mobile-ready site.

This article will give you some great guidelines:

“How To Access Essential Analytics Data — And What To Do With It

When you first log in to Google Analytics, you’ll see a dashboard similar to what’s below.

To get in-depth mobile-traffic data, simply click on “Standard Reporting” in the orange navigation at the top, followed by “Audience” and then “Mobile” (see below). To get reporting for a specific time period — which is important if you want to track specific campaigns — you can segment your data by setting a custom date in the top right.

From the “Overview” pane, you can extract information that is crucial to understanding your mobile visitors. For example, click any of the areas located directly above the blue line graph to learn more about:

Visits/New Visits: If you notice that your overall traffic has a high percentage of mobile visits, you’ll be able to justify developing a mobile-friendly site much more quickly. For the date range pulled (see the example below), you can see that over 20 percent of site visits were from mobile —- a clear indication that a mobile site is needed. With higher mobile traffic, your site should satisfy the basic needs of smartphone users.For example, nearly 40 percent of mobile searches are local, with 61 percent of consumers following up with phone calls and 58 percent with in-store visits.

With that in mind, design with the mobile lifestyle in mind, including putting your basic business and contact information […]

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Tracking your mobile marketing program

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Just like any element of your marketing program, it is essential to put into place the appropriate analytics so that you can assess what is working (and what is not!) in your mobile marketing.
Application-based analytics will help you understand:
•    The number of downloads
•    How users interact with different parts of the app
Mobile advertising analytics will assess:
•    Click-through rates
•    Response rates
•    Conversion rates
•    Calculate ROI
Mobile web analytics track on-the-phone analytics from mobile phone and smart phone browsers and will let you know:
•    The number of page views
•    Bounce rates
•    Click behavior
•    Types of devices used
•    Operating systems used
What should you use?  Here are some options:
•    Google’s free analytics for iOS, Android and mobile web traffic which can be integrated into your current Google Analytics
•    PercentMobile offers excellent analytics with a specialty on the mobile web
•    Flurry specializes in mobile applications
•    Bango can help you analyze mobile applications and the mobile web.

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The Importance Of Mobile Analytics

(Want to learn more about how to succeed in mobile marketing? Please download my free “Secrets to Successful Mobile Marketing” video now)

Mobile analytics are the metrics specific to all things mobile such as SMS messaging, QR codes, mobile apps and smartphone web data.

Through analytics you will understand a number of issues:

Number of downloads
Response rates
Conversion rates
Page views
Bounce Rates
Click behavior
Types of devices

On the one hand, data collection on mobile phones can be difficult. On the other hand, if you get it right, mobile analytics will allow you to really understand your customer base, segmenting it on specific attributes such as location, type of device, network access and interests.

If you don’t embrace mobile analytics, you will be at a distinct disadvantage.

Who do you go to for analytics? Here are a few suggestions:

Google has a free analytics solution for iOS, Android and mobile web traffic.

PercentMobile focuses on the mobile web.

Flurry specializes in mobile applications

Bango does both.

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