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Mobile web users expect their websites to load up on their mobile devices as fast as they load up on their desktop computers.  According to a Compuware study, almost half of the users surveyed said they were disappointed with the speed in which sites loaded up on their mobile phone.

71% expect a web page to load up on their mobile phone as fast as it did on a home computer
74% expect the page to load within 5 seconds
60% expect the page to load within 3 seconds
46% complained that sites loaded slower on their mobile phones than on a desktop

Why is there this problem of load-up times?

1.      A home internet connection is almost always faster than a mobile connection

2.      Home computers are considerably more powerful than either smartphones or tablets when it comes to processing power

The good news is that dual-core processors in mobile devices combined with the high connection speeds of 4G networks should help considerably to improve mobile connection times. That said, website builders still need to optimize their websites for upload performance before adding too many fancy features that will slow things down.

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