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Why You Absolutely Must Build A List To Be Successful

As you have probably heard a thousand times, a list is indispensable to your online business success.
A list gives you the following benefits:

Build a solid relationship with your prospects and customers.

Gives you a destination where you can funnel your most loyal followers.

Offers an on-going vehicle to share content, resources, ideas, survey your clients and sell products.

But just having any old list of names isn’t good enough.  In order for you have a list that is responsive to your content and offers, it is essential that you list build with intent by going after your exact target audience.  So the first step in any list building campaign is to make sure that you have defined the precise audience you want to attract.

Once you have defined your target, there are some sure-fire methods which will help you attract people:

Article marketing

Press releases (both off and online)

Social media tools


Face book



Building your list has never been easier but you must be sure to do it in the right way.

If you want to learn more about list-building, tune into an interview with Wendy Moore who is an Australian online superstar and expert in list building.  She is one of the 13 featured speakers on the Wise Women of the Web teleseminar series.  Go to to sign up for this free conference.

How To Boost Business Results Through Online Radio Interviews

Amongst the great thunder and hype of various online marketing tools, one of the most powerful tools which is online marketing radio has somehow passed quietly underneath the radar.

Simply put,  getting interviewed on online radio is one of the most important things you can possibly do this year to enrich your marketing program.

The benefits of doing online radio interviews are great:

The return on investment cannot be beat; online radio interviews provide an easy, FREE way to market you, your company and your products and services

While you want to make sure you are not using the interview as a simple advertisement (the viewers ALWAYS want to hear content), an online radio interview will give you all the benefits of an infomercial in that it will spread the word about you.

Online radio interviews can help you quickly establish yourself as an expert and leader in your field.

There are thousands of radio shows to choose from so you can build your presence quickly

Doing online radio interviews are a convenient, time-friendly marketing tool you can use from the comfort of your living room or office

You will reach a much bigger audience than you normally could relying on ‘typical’ offline marketing strategies (attending local community meetings or using traditional local media). While your radio audience could range from anywhere from 10 to 1000, most radio shows are syndicated so will ultimately be heard by hundreds or thousands.

Instead of talking to a ‘general’ audience as you would on traditional mass media, you will be speaking to those who are actively searching information on YOUR topic of expertise.

In sum, using online radio interviews is a fantastic way to get your market’s attention.

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Why Your Blog Must Be At The Center of Your Online Efforts

Blogs are the original social media.  When they first arrived on the scene, blogs constituted a veritable social media breakthrough, finally allowing us to easily create our own content (i.e. be our own publisher) and conduct ongoing 2 way conversations with our fans and followers.

If it isn’t already, your blog should absolutely be at the center of your social media and online presence.   Your blog will deliver you the following benefits:

A blog allows you to quickly establish authority in your field.

A blog gives you a fast way to get input from your customers so that you can understand their problems, needs and opinions about your products and services. This ensures you will deliver exactly what your specific target audience needs.

A blog is an SEO gift from heaven; it will help your search engine optimization efforts immeasurably.   When you post 2-3 times a week, you will be giving Google exactly what it wants and it will help greatly with your position in Google.  So instead of being on page 20 where no one will find you, a blog will help you reach the coveted top 3 positions on the first place so that your prospect can find you.

A blog is the backbone of your web presence.  All the content you create with your blog posts can then be shared and repurposed into podcasts, videos, tweets, Face book comments and conversations.  Without this backbone, your social media and online efforts will just be a bunch of fragmented, unrelated conversations, with no beginning and no destination.

A blog gives you an internet home.  So when someone arrives at your blog, make absolutely sure that you have integrated an opt-in box (and free report) so that people will give […]

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Is Social Media A Successful Communicator?

Exciting social media tools don’t necessarily translate into exciting communication.


Good communication takes discipline, thought and not a little pencil biting.  It isn’t endless stream-of-consciousness or the jotting down of random, disjointed thought which is so prevalent nowadays on the New Net.

One of the reasons why social media doesn’t always deliver consistently stellar communications is hardwired in its DNA.  By its very nature, social media is infinite.   There are lots of beginnings but far fewer endings.  Conservations start out with a bang but trail off into a never-ending path of comments, links, new sites, new comments, and new blogs. 

I may be old-fashioned but ‘good’ solid communication is worth its weight in gold.  It does not meander.  It does not get lost in a deafening cacophony of voices. It is considerate and thoughtful and has a purpose and SAYS SOMETHING.  People who hear it walk away with new knowledge and deeper insights. 

Social media can most definitely communicate well. You CAN  have all the superb qualities that social media offers—democratic, open, sharing, participative—and still achieve good communication. But for social media to communicate well requires discipline and vision and forethought. .  Qualities many people are forget to integrate as they are busy scribbling away in a frenzy to keep up with the social media drum. 

Bad communications is the Achilles Heel of social media.  It needs to be addressed or at least parts of ‘the social media revolution’may descend into a pit on inconsequential garble.



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WHY SCREWDRIVERS EXIST… The Most Important Social Media Lesson You Can Learn

90% of the problems I see with companies is they are falling head over heels about various social media tools but have NO strategy.

Putting the cart before the horse means trouble.  And very often failure.

You need to know what your overarching goal is when it comes to social media.  You have to have a framework to succeed.  Otherwise you are just grabbing at social media straws and the only thing that is certain is that you will be disappointed.

Let’s be perfectly clear.  Dabbling in Facebook or throwing up a Twitter account is NOT a strategy.  A strategy, originally a military term, is an overarching goal or mission.  It is a plan.  Your plan for social media could be many things:

Building a bigger community
Selling more products
Promoting an event
Talking to a a community of passion
Getting more leads

Do you grab a screwdriver and say hey…what can I fix today?  Or do you say, I have a problem and I need to figure out how to fix it and maybe my screwdriver can help me out?  Of course, it is the latter.

Figure out what you want to achieve first.  THEN , choose which social media tool-if any-you want to employ to help you succeed.

If you want to learn about the 6 other frequent social media mistakes and how you can avoid them, you absolutely must sign up for my FREE webinar that I will host on November 19th.  The webinar, called   Unleashing The Power Of Social Media will be held at two convenient times,  One at 9 am PST and the second at 6 pm PST  The webinar will be 70 minutes packed of free information and insights that you can put to use immediately.  Whether you are […]

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