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How to Make Sure Your Mobile Marketing Is On Track

Mobile marketing is new for so many of us. Unfortunately, in these early days, this means many of us are making mistakes.

Here is a great article which talks about the 5 biggest mistakes many marketers make when it comes to mobile:

“1. Flaw: De-Emphasizing the Unique Nature of the Medium

Although they share a common infrastructure, mobile is not the traditional web. In fact, the two have few equivalents in the stationary web world. The stationary web is exactly that – inactive. With that said, why would mobile design, which should be focused on creating an experience unique to those who are actively on-the-go, be constructed with an inactive model in mind?

Mobile events are inherently transitive in nature. The different elements of the medium — constant connectivity, location awareness, personalization and social connection — add affinity to consumer/brand interactions and empower the medium uniquely as an events-driven interface. These features form the foundation for consumer interaction — a tight, relevant orchestration of branded communications among increasingly interconnected brand advocates.

2. Flaw: Treating Connected Consumers as Stationary Targets

Mobile consumers are moving targets; therefore, marketers must consider the variability of exchange. Where is the consumer right now? What is she interested in? How can I compel her to visit my store location? What can I reward her with to increase her loyalty to the brand? What can I do to make her feel included? How can I use the medium to make her encounter the brand more efficiently? What experience can I provide to her that she would feel compelled to share? When viewed through this lens, the possibilities for engaging consumers are limited only to the imagination and ingenuity of the brand.

3. Flaw: Ignoring the Power of […]

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Mobile Marketing 2012—Are You Ready?

Have you figured out your mobile marketing program yet?
If you have any kind of analytics installed in your website, you may have noticed that more and more of your Web traffic is coming from mobile devices.  And it’s just going to keep on increasing.
Mobile marketing is big. And it is here to stay.
But what is the best way to cater to your mobile visitors?
Here are some tips:
“Mobile Search: Give Them What They’re Looking For
Desktop search may still dominate the overall search market, but mobile search represents a new frontier. It is widely accepted that 10 percent to 15 percent of searches today are from mobile devices.
Whether you’re running a multimillion-dollar pay-per-click campaign on AdWords or optimizing for organic search traffic and inbound leads, here are a few things you should know about the areas where desktop and mobile differ.

Locality: People on mobile devices are seeking things around them; anywhere between 20 percent and 53 percent of mobile searches have a local intent. If you’ve got local content or content that can be localized, optimize it for mobile.
Task-focused: The average keyword mobile search on Android and iPhone is roughly double the average length of a desktop search. Why? Because mobile searchers are task-focused and seeking specific things. When presenting information as the result of a search, offer more specific information to your mobile users.
Time of day: Google reports that mobile search volumes increase throughout the day and peak at […]

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Warning to All Local Businesses: Mobile IS Mandatory!

Local businesses need to get into mobile marketing.  Your customer expects to find you (and be able to read about you!) on their mobile phones. Don’t miss out on all that mobile marketing has to offer.
Check out the following findings from Google:
“Google notes through its research that:

79% of smartphone consumers use their phones to help with shopping, from comparing prices, to finding more product info, to locating a retailer.
70% use their smartphones while in a store.
77% have contacted a business via mobile, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local business.

Google says that users are now expecting to engage with local businesses though their mobile devices. Think about it: did you go to a local businesses mobile website this year? Did that business have an app or a website optimized for mobile? People on the go rely on their smartphones for information and nothing is more fundamental to consumers then how they spend their money. Brands and retailers have to come to understand that the way users interact with their digital fronts is now being done from smart devices.
In turn, mobile search is changing the user experience. Apple realized this and is one of the reasons that it baked Siri into the iPhone 4S as a way to easily search on the go. Search functions include looking up a local restaurant to see what is on the menu or find directions.
The way ads are delivered via mobile underwent dramatic shifts in 2011. Google calls these the “pipes” of mobile advertising. That includes work on standards like ORMMA or MRAID or how ads are delivered through real-time engagement, real-time-bidding platforms or improvements in HTML5 that have made mobile advertising more seamless and ubiquitous.
Tablets have joined […]

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4 Mobile Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile marketing. Everyone wants to get in on it.  But while the interest and curiosity about mobile marketing is vast, many are very unconfident about how to put the right food forward.
This article outlines some classic rookie mobile marketing mistakes:
“1. Using Mobile to Share Non-Mobile Content
You’ve read all about how to use text messages and quick response (QR) codes to target customers while they’re out in the wild or even just sitting on their couch at home. And that’s great–until you use these techniques to send users to content that is anything but mobile friendly. Perhaps it’s a video their phone can’t download or the desktop version of your website, which takes too long to load and far too much scrolling to use on their device. These types of mistakes leave customers feeling frustrated and almost ensure they never again try to load your website from a mobile device. They’re also a waste of time and resources on your part if you’re creating campaigns that don’t work, let alone convert.
If you’re going to use text message marketing to offer a discount or present a call to action for someone to visit your site, make sure the page you’re sending them to is mobile friendly. Ensure it will load on their device and present them with the proper experience. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels and their data plan.
2. Using QR Codes to Direct Customers Back to Your Site
For many of us, when we think “mobile marketing” we really think “QR codes.” A QR code is that barcode-like symbol that a user can scan with their smartphone to be taken to a page of your choosing. QR codes are great for sending users to mobile-friendly landing pages, […]

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Mobile Marketing Leads a New Marketing Reality for 2012

Sometimes it is good at the beginning of a New Year to re-assess our beliefs about everything.  Marketing is the same.

Here is a list from Leo Burnett Chicago which asks us to re-write some of our marketing ‘givens’.  Of course the importance of social and mobile marketing is on the list too:

Here are six trends outlined in the Burnett report, entitled “Humankind 2012: The Transformation of Aspiration”:

“1. Sense of fairness in decline; happiness inequality on the rise. Americans, who as a population traditionally have been“optimistic and happy…regardless of social class,” are now by and large unhappy – and not surprisingly, those with lower incomes are least happy, according to the report. With the bottom 40% of households having less than 1% of the country’s wealth, “The deck is stacked, and people are suspicious,” the report concludes. “Feelings of inequality and unfairness are rampant.”

Brand implications: The winning brands will be those that “consistently deliver acts of fairness and behave with morality,” according to Burnett. Companies that treat all customers fairly “will earn Americans’ trust and patronage.”

2. The end of the “average” American family and the decline of the traditional “Big Plan.” Getting educated, marrying, having kids and climbing the corporate ladder is a plan that “still exists, but only for some,” sums up Burnett, noting that 40% of American children are now born to unmarried mothers, and that more couples are having children out of wedlock. In short, “People define their own family situations and shape their lives according to their own needs,”rather than trying to conform to peer-group behaviors or lifestyles.

Brand implications: Popular media have been slow to catch up with the changing family makeup and lifestyles. Employing diverse images of family “ring true with consumers and can be a great way […]

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2012 Promises to Be the Year of Mobile Marketing

Even though people talked a lot about mobile in 2011, I don’t think we have seen anything yet.  We will start to see even more growth in mobile marketing in the coming months.

Here are eight trends to watch for:

“Mobile Trend # 1 – Smartphones to Overtake Other Mobile by 2012
Of course, more and more users will become initiated into mobile handsets.  Not only will their number of users increase sharply; more types of new smartphones with more user-friendly capabilities will emerge.

Smartphone units sold worldwide in 2009 will grow 14.5% from 2008 levels, according to a forecast by Infonetics. READ MORE

Internet marketers, therefore, should do their best to keep these customers, mostly young people, on their radar.  The same goes for tablets.
Mobile Trend # 2 - Text Messaging Will Rise
Text messaging will rise to a projected 8 trillion SMS in 2012. This is a rise of about a billion from the 6.9 billion SMS sent in 2011.

This indicates that as long as there are mobile phones, SMS will always be in demand, along with MMS and instant messaging through the mobile phone.  That means more fertile ground for marketers to experiment with catchy text messages and enticing graphics.
Mobile Trend # 3 – Social Networking Site Access
Social networking sites will get more exposure on mobile phones.  Social networking reaches far beyond the conventional computer: because our mobile devices are always with us, it is expected that more than half of social networking will be done on mobile phones – at any time and any place we want.

That means more opportunities for marketers to reach audiences on the social networking sites when they are using them.  Facebook’s official page sites, there are currently 350 million […]

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Three Major Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2012

What will the New Year bring for mobile marketing? Of course, predicting the year ahead is one of the most popular sports this time of year. But it is possibly one of the more risky activities too!

Having said that, I believe the following three predictions are fairly ‘safe’ and infinitely accurate about where the world of mobile marketing will go in 2012.

“Mega-Trend #1: Mobile Ecommerce Will Reach a Tipping Point
It was a quiet explosion and it’s not over yet.  Purchases made on mobile devices will jump significantly in 2012. If you’ve never bought anything on your phone, watch yourself in 2012. You may personally contribute to this trend.

In 2010, e-commerce sales from mobile devices on Black Friday was 3.2%; in 2011, this number jumped to 9.8%. This year will be the tipping point for the ecommerce portion of the mobile mega-trend.

Retail spaces will still be stores, but more than ever, will become showrooms for their websites. Big retailers will make it easier to order online from the store on your phone. For small brick-and-mortar retailers, “buy it where you try it” will be the rally cry.  Either way, in 2012 shoppers will realize they can scan, price shop and order any product in front of them then have it delivered tomorrow.

Mega-Trend #2: The Decline of Apps
Well, not an actual decline, but a decline relative to the growth of mobile sites. 2012 will be the year when people who say “I want to build an app” also say “…unless the same thing is possible with a mobile site.”

Potential mobile application builders are starting to figure out that building an app really means building two apps (one for iPhones and one for Android) or else leaving […]

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How Are You Using Mobile Marketing?

Interested in how other people are using mobile marketing? Here are some great mobile marketing statistics to help you understand how companies are integrating mobile into their communications:

“According to Millennial Media’s October SMART Report:

29% of mobile campaigns directed mobiles to download apps, a 33% increase month-to-month
23% of mobile campaigns offered ‘Store Locator’ options
42% of mobile ads in the entertainment vertical dealt with movie releases
Entertainment brands identified product launch/release as a top goal for the month
Half of mobile ads from entertainment campaigns offered video content
23% offered mCommerce

As for what mobile consumers are doing with their devices, data from ReturnPath indicates email viewing via iPad has increased 73% with mobile email opens increasing 34%. Mobile email views spike over the weekends, when most people are home or running errands rather than sitting at a desk.

“Email is more relevant today than ever before as consumption continues to grow on more platforms,” said Matt Blumberg, CEO and Chairman, Return Path. “Email is everywhere you want your message to be. And while benchmark studies provide marketers with a view into shifting trends, they are no substitute for having real time, specific data on subscribers. Marketers need to gather campaign data specific to their audience, figure out where their subscribers are viewing email and design a relevant and timely sending strategy.”

Mobile shopping is also increasing, according to comScore. Their data shows about 40% of US smartphone users shopped via mobile in September; these shoppers purchases apparel, digital content (Music, eBooks, movies, etc) and also shopped for daily deals.

“Mobile is becoming a central part in the shopping funnel for many consumers,” said Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president for mobile. “In September we saw two-thirds of all smartphone owners perform shopping […]

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Tis The Season For Mobile Marketing Predictions

5 Key Digital Media and Advertising Trends for 2012
It is the time of year for predictions and, not surprisingly, mobile marketing is hot on the list. Here is a fabulous list of predictions from Mashable which talk about mobile marketing and beyond for the New Year:
“1. Social Curation and Mobile Will Drive Growth for Media Organizations

The rise of mobile and tablets is having a profound impact on media consumption habits. At Mashable, for example, our average iPad app user spends 6 times as much time with the content as our average web user.
More broadly speaking, tablet apps that also take into account what your social network is sharing – like Flipboard, Zite and Pulse – are becoming important new distribution channels. And early signs point to Apple’s Newsstand becoming a key driver of growth for traditional publications. Conde Nast, for example, recently reported a 268% increase in digital subscribers after launching on Newsstand.
Facebook’s social news apps are also opening up Zynga-like opportunities for publishers. Just last week, The Guardian revealed that its app has been installed more than 4 million times and is driving more than 1 million additional daily pageviews for the publication.
2. The Impact of the Second Screen on Television
The growing ubiquity of mobile is being felt in the living room as well. According to data from Yahoo/Nielsen, 86% of web users now use a mobile device while watching TV. That creates new opportunities for marketers to launch more interactive campaigns, and we’re already seeing startups like Into Now and Shazam create platforms for engaging with the second screen audience, with advertisers like Pepsi, Gap and Starbucks jumping on board.
The TV networks are also starting to leverage the second screen. […]

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    Small Business Set To Soar With Mobile and Social Marketing in 2012

Small Business Set To Soar With Mobile and Social Marketing in 2012

Mobile marketing is irresistibly seductive for small businesses.
Small business often sits on the sidelines when it comes to technology.  Given their tight budgets, they prefer to do nothing until an entity is proven.  But there is always an exception to the rule.  And the exception is mobile.
The following article explains why:
“With smartphone penetration reaching an impressive 80% in the small-business community, interest in mobile marketing is mounting: 21.8% of small-business decision-makers say they plan to dedicate more resources to mobile marketing in 2012, up from the 12.6% who said so a year earlier, according to a report by Ad-ology Research.

In addition, one in five surveyed SMB decision-makers (small- and mid-sized businesses; defined in the study as organizations with fewer than 100 employees) plan to develop a mobile app in 2012:
Below, additional finding from Ad-ology’s annual Small Business Marketing Forecast.
Social media has reached a tipping point: Only 10% of small-business decision-makers say they will not use social media in 2012, down from the 24% who said so in 2011. Moreover, one-half of small businesses plan to spend more time and/or money on social media in 2012.
Small businesses are using a variety of social media channels, but Facebook is the most widely used, and appears to be the most effective:

Facebook is ranked as the social media site most beneficial: 86.8% of small-business decision-makers use the social networking site for marketing with 77.3% saying their efforts are very or somewhat beneficial for business.
Twitter penetration has reached 71.4% in the small business community with 56.0% saying Twitter marketing is very or somewhat beneficial.
Google+ penetration (64.3%) is already rivaling LinkedIn (66.9%) in the small business community; 53.2% of small-business decision-makers say their efforts with Google+ […]

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