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Why You Absolutely Must Build A List To Be Successful

As you have probably heard a thousand times, a list is indispensable to your online business success.
A list gives you the following benefits:

Build a solid relationship with your prospects and customers.

Gives you a destination where you can funnel your most loyal followers.

Offers an on-going vehicle to share content, resources, ideas, survey your clients and sell products.

But just having any old list of names isn’t good enough.  In order for you have a list that is responsive to your content and offers, it is essential that you list build with intent by going after your exact target audience.  So the first step in any list building campaign is to make sure that you have defined the precise audience you want to attract.

Once you have defined your target, there are some sure-fire methods which will help you attract people:

Article marketing

Press releases (both off and online)

Social media tools


Face book



Building your list has never been easier but you must be sure to do it in the right way.

If you want to learn more about list-building, tune into an interview with Wendy Moore who is an Australian online superstar and expert in list building.  She is one of the 13 featured speakers on the Wise Women of the Web teleseminar series.  Go to to sign up for this free conference.

Wowing The World as A Web Celeb

What does it mean to become a Web Celeb?

Web Celeb is a term coined by Pat Sutton, an Internet luminary who has been listed on the Forbes list of Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow On Twitter.

Through trial and error, Pat realized that the only true way to success on the internet as a small business was to become a Web Celeb or in common day parlance, to become the dynamic and well-known face of your business.   To become a Web Celeb means that you will draw people towards you with ease, whether you want them to buy products or become part of your network or multi-level-marketing team.

Pat argues that what is important isn’t what you know or who you know but Who Knows You!  And that people will only join you when you become ‘larger than life’ on the web. Moreover, in this day and age of Google and social media, people want to know who the person behind the business is before they are ready to actually interact with or buy from you.

Simply put, the infamous Unique Selling Proposition for your business is YOU.  Not your products, but YOU.  And if you are building a multi-level-marketing or networking business, this becomes even more important because you are building up a group. If you have not positioned yourself correctly, no one will want to join your team.

In terms of specific steps to becoming a Web Celeb, you need to do the following:

Create a fantastic profile for yourself that is clear, coherent, full of testimonials and pertinent experience

Build a website around your profile

Share your profile throughout the Social Web

Make sure that you have full ownership of your website so that you can add content that […]

Why You Should Create An Online Hispanic Marketing Program

The Hispanic online marketing opportunity still remains relatively untapped, particularly by small or medium-sized businesses.

If you have ignored this community up until now, you may want to reconsider when you hear some of the following statistics:

The population of the US Hispanic community will quickly surpass the 50 million mark

The Hispanic community represents a whopping $1 trillion in buying power

Over 70% of the $1 trillion spent actually come from English-speaking Hispanics.  And the English-speaking Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment of the Hispanic community.

The average Hispanic consumer spends over 14 hours online every week

The spending power of Latinas (female Hispanics) is at the $500 million and is rapidly growing

Latinas spend an average of $60/month on beauty products versus the rest of the market where the average is $22/month.

Hispanics in general spend a mind boggling $250 billion in the telecommunications industry.

The statistics speak for themselves.  Marketing to the Hispanic community is an enormous opportunity that you simply cannot afford to ignore. But many are afraid to approach this community or they don’t do the marketing in the right way.

If you are interested in learning how to market correctly to this untapped trillion dollar market,  sign up right now for the FREE The Wise Women Of the Web teleseminar series  Lori Gama, who is a Hispanic marketing expert, will feature among the top female internet experts who will be interviewed throughout the week of August 30-September 3rd.

How To Create A Brilliant Brand

A good brand ties all your efforts together.  It is a clear message of who you are, who you want to target and what you have to offer that sets you apart.

The goal is that wherever anyone ‘meets’ your brand, their first experience with you will always be the same.  So if they meet you on Face book or LinkedIn or on your blog or at a live event, the impression they come away with should be exactly the same.

A brand is a guiding force.  Defining a brand is not about picking a business name and a logo. It is about establishing a big vision for your company.

And most importantly, you must be sure to identify down to the tiniest detail. If you just say you target ‘everyone’, you are essentially saying you target no one.  Having a precise target for which you provide a specific solution to a compelling problem is essential. an essential Pick a niche and get to know that target market as well as you know yourself.  You need to know what they struggle with, what excites them, what they love and hate.  The better you know your target, the stronger your brand (and the solutions you offer your target) will be.

Finally your brand is not something you develop once and then just forget.  You should re-evaluate your brand at least once a year to make sure that your current brand is reflective of where you are going.

If you want to learn more about the magic of branding,  sign up for the free teleseminar series The Wise Women of the Web One of the 12 guest speakers is a branding aficionado, Jennifer Bourn and her presentation is a combination […]

Social Media and Brand Strategy in Europe

Here in Europe, the words ‘social media’ were barely audible in 2008 when I was writing my book, Mastering Web 2.0. At the beginning of 2009, the talk about social media had increased to a hushed whisper. Now, only 9 months later, even some of my most die-hard clients who had sworn 18 months ago they would never be caught dead writing a blog, are now calling me in a panic, looking for advice on how best to integrate social media into their brand strategy. And they are worried (as they should be) that if they don’t do this, they will be at a distinct competitive disadvantage.

Yes, times are changing. As they well should. Because if companies’ interest in social media has been a long time coming, the same is certainly not true for their customers. Hundreds of thousands-millions- of Europeans engage in social networking sites, twitter, write blogs and bookmark on a daily basis.

Oddly, many companies have dismissed the social media craze as just another technology. In other words, something that is somehow optional. Something we can take or leave. And that is completely optional as they seek to craft a robust brand strategy. But this is so very wrong. Social media is NOT technology-led. It is led by customers who are looking for a voice, who are tired of being plied with opinions from the so-called experts and who are much more interested in hearing what their next door neighbor has to say about a product, a company, a brand or issue.

Yes, the social media revolution has been led by PEOPLE , not by technology. And if this is a movement […]

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