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Why You Need a Mobile Website

You may decide that mobile marketing is ‘not for you’ but there is one non-negotiable item you absolutely must add to your marketing portfolio—a MOBILE WEBSITE.
Here are some reasons and statistics that explain why:
“* We use our phones everywhere. In fact, 33 percent of smart phone users use their smart phone while watching TV and 22 percent use them while reading the newspaper (are you using your smart phone right now?)
* People love their smart phones. A survey found that one in three smart phone users would give up chocolate just to keep using their phones. Chocolate. If that doesn’t prove people love their smart phones, nothing will.
* People use their smart phones to find local businesses just like yours. Ninety five percent of smart phone users will use their phone to search for local information and 88 percent will take action within a day, whether it’s to call or visit a business (it could be your business — or it could be your competitor’s business, depending on who has a mobile-friendly website).
* Did you know that 71 percent of smart phone users who see an ad on TV, in the newspaper or online will do a mobile search? Or that 74 percent of smart phone users make a purchase based on a mobile search?
Yet, 79 percent of top advertisers don’t have a mobile- optimized website.
* One of the most popular activities for smart phone users is shopping, with 79 percent using their smart phones to help with shopping, whether it’s to get coupons, check to see if a product is in stock or read reviews.
Think people prefer apps to compare prices or get reviews? Think again; surveys by Adobe and eMarketer have shown […]

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    Cpanel and GoMobi Give Us Another Way To Build Mobile Websites

Cpanel and GoMobi Give Us Another Way To Build Mobile Websites

GoMobi has partnered up with Cpanel to provide another terrific way to build a mobile Website.

Here is a recent public relations release about the project.
“Mobile has changed how customers interact with businesses. Only businesses that are able to provide a great mobile experience will be successful in this new market. We are delighted to be partnering with cPanel as we roll out goMobi to the hosting industry” With the rapid rise in mobile Internet usage, goMobi gives Web hosting companies a proven way to open the massive opportunity of the mobile Web to their customers. According to recent research from Web performance measurement firm Gomez, over 50 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from a store with a mobile website, so the demand for mobile sites is only set to grow. The goMobi cloud service can build a sophisticated mobile friendly website in minutes at a price point designed for small-to-medium businesses.
With goMobi, cPanel users can offer a very powerful, yet easy to use, mobile site builder. cPanel is launching a substantially enhanced version of goMobi, which brings a range of new templates, the ability to create custom forms, video content embedding, and integration with leading m-commerce solutions like PayPal and Google Checkout. Users can generate the mobile site using existing (or new) Web content, and add a range of updated features like “click to call,” Google Maps integration, social networking integration, and automated QR code creation. Such features come as standard offerings with goMobi and have proven to convert clicks into sales. goMobi sites can reside on any Internet domain like .info or .mobi, and will work on more than 7,500 models of Web-enabled mobile devices and handsets.
“Mobile has changed how customers […]

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Why You Need a Mobile Website More Than a Mobile App

In my book, a mobile website is a must.  A mobile app…well, ‘maybe’ a must.

Many companies are jumping on the mobile app bandwagon without first understanding mobile or their place in it.

One of the big mistakes people make is just assuming they ‘have’ to have a mobile application.  It may very well be that this is not the case and that you will be just as well served with a mobile website.

Here is a discourse outlining some of the pros and cons:

“Matt Friedel, president and chief executive officer at Milwaukee-based, which specializes in application development on multiple platforms, suggests developing a complete mobile strategy before proceeding.

Native applications are designed for specific phones. They require separate programming for iOS (Apple), Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry phones.

Website analytics on a company’s current website can play a crucial role in developing a mobile strategy.

“It goes back to knowing your customers and knowing how users are already looking at your existing website,” said Joe Regan, principal at Milwaukee-based ModMobile LLC. “Your existing analytics will give you information about what devices are being used to access your website as well as information about mobile usage and what needs are being addressed or not.”

Every company with any significant web presence should start looking seriously at optimizing their mobile presence, Regan said.

“Particularly as we move forward,” Regan said. “Mobile traffic on Black Friday alone was up nearly 10 percent over 2010. If you don’t have a good mobile website you need to start thinking about whether or not your company can afford to lose 10 percent of your sales in goods and services. And that’s just one day.”

Most mobile web traffic originates from a search engine, and 71 […]

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How to Build a Mobile Website

If you want to join in on the mobile marketing revolution, at a very minimum you need to have a mobile website.  The mistake most people make is to assume that a mobile website is just like a ‘regular’ one but in miniature.

This is just not true.

Here is an article which explains what you need to look out for in a mobile website:

“A quality mobile experience means the following needs to happen:

The mobile page loads quickly.
The page offers 2-3 clear choices specific to why the user is there.
The design and layout is mobile-friendly.

There is a big difference between a mobile user and a desktop user. A desktop user has a chair, a mouse, and large screens. A mobile user is on the go, has thumbs and small screens.

A mobile user will often be taken to a standard website. And while the mobile browsers will render a standard site OK, remember that this isn’t the optimal user experience for mobile. But before you rush out and build a mobile-friendly website, consider the following…

Do your stats support it? Check your web stats and see how many users are accessing your site on a mobile device. The new version of Google Analytics has some great ways to measure this.
What information would a mobile user need? Not everything on your website may be necessary. Consider this and develop your mobile site accordingly. Keep it simple, offering only what they need at that moment.

But, back to quality. So, let’s assume you have done your research and your users do need a mobile version of your site. What does a quality mobile site look like? Let’s break our definition of quality down a bit…

Load Time

A mobile friendly site should be developed using […]

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