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Why You Absolutely Must Build A List To Be Successful

As you have probably heard a thousand times, a list is indispensable to your online business success.
A list gives you the following benefits:

Build a solid relationship with your prospects and customers.

Gives you a destination where you can funnel your most loyal followers.

Offers an on-going vehicle to share content, resources, ideas, survey your clients and sell products.

But just having any old list of names isn’t good enough.  In order for you have a list that is responsive to your content and offers, it is essential that you list build with intent by going after your exact target audience.  So the first step in any list building campaign is to make sure that you have defined the precise audience you want to attract.

Once you have defined your target, there are some sure-fire methods which will help you attract people:

Article marketing

Press releases (both off and online)

Social media tools


Face book



Building your list has never been easier but you must be sure to do it in the right way.

If you want to learn more about list-building, tune into an interview with Wendy Moore who is an Australian online superstar and expert in list building.  She is one of the 13 featured speakers on the Wise Women of the Web teleseminar series.  Go to www.thewisewomenoftheweb.com to sign up for this free conference.

How To Truly Succeed With Social Media

Millions have toyed around with social media tools.  Not as many have gotten social media to work for them to bring in real business results like enjoying huge boosts in traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates and lucrative joint ventures.

So what is the secret to having social media success with your business?

Here are just a few:

Make sure that your social media tools (i.e. Twitter, Face book LinkedIn and YouTube) are working hard for you.  Set them up with a great profile of yourself and coherent branding

Link all your social media tools together so that when you tweet or blog or post a video, your fans and followers on other platforms will be able to see it

Target your conversations towards the people you really want to attract.  Use tools like Twellow.com (a sort of Yellow Pages for Twitter) to find the people you want to follow.

Create on-going, interesting and original content all the time.  No content means empty conversations which translate into no results.

Build relationships. Do not sell on social media.  You can sell to your new-found friends and followers on your website or blog but NOT on the social media platforms.

If you would like to know more, join The Wise Women Of The Web Teleseminar Series. www.thewisewomenoftheweb.com You will hear Christine Gallagher, a foremost social media expert who has developed a successful social media system for businesses, as well as 11 other female internet stars.

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Why Your Blog Must Be At The Center of Your Online Efforts

Blogs are the original social media.  When they first arrived on the scene, blogs constituted a veritable social media breakthrough, finally allowing us to easily create our own content (i.e. be our own publisher) and conduct ongoing 2 way conversations with our fans and followers.

If it isn’t already, your blog should absolutely be at the center of your social media and online presence.   Your blog will deliver you the following benefits:

A blog allows you to quickly establish authority in your field.

A blog gives you a fast way to get input from your customers so that you can understand their problems, needs and opinions about your products and services. This ensures you will deliver exactly what your specific target audience needs.

A blog is an SEO gift from heaven; it will help your search engine optimization efforts immeasurably.   When you post 2-3 times a week, you will be giving Google exactly what it wants and it will help greatly with your position in Google.  So instead of being on page 20 where no one will find you, a blog will help you reach the coveted top 3 positions on the first place so that your prospect can find you.

A blog is the backbone of your web presence.  All the content you create with your blog posts can then be shared and repurposed into podcasts, videos, tweets, Face book comments and conversations.  Without this backbone, your social media and online efforts will just be a bunch of fragmented, unrelated conversations, with no beginning and no destination.

A blog gives you an internet home.  So when someone arrives at your blog, make absolutely sure that you have integrated an opt-in box (and free report) so that people will give […]

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10 Secrets To Avoiding Social Media Time Suck

Are you worried how you are going to possibly squeeze social media into your already impossibly busy days?

Are you thinking maybe you should just not start social media at all because you don’t have the time?

Stop for 2 seconds. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Social media will offer you conversations and networking opportunities which will propel your business forward. Don’t forego this because you are worried you will get caught in a time drain. In other words, the risk of missed opportunities is far more important than the risk of lost time.

Having said that, time organization is an essential component to an effective, successful social media program.

I just ran across an article written by Rich Brooks of flyte new media on how to best manage your time when you are implementing social media.

I would like to repeat some of Rich’s pieces of advice and add a few suggestions of my own.

1. Figure out why you are using social media
a. Research
b. Networking
c. Sales and marketing
d. Some combination of the above

2. Depending on what you want to do, use certain social media vehicles and avoid others:
a. To research, subscribe to RSS feeds in order to track key experts, blogs and podcasts efficiently
b. To network, go to the sites where your consumers are talking. This could be the ‘big’sites like Facebook and Linkedin or smaller, vertical social networking sites
c. To do sales an marketing, create videos and blog. Repurpose your blogs throughout key social networking sites (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter) to increase your profile.

3. Create a calendar of content
a. Identify the subjects for your blog posts at least 1 month in advance
b. Understand what content you want to integrate on your Facebook Fan Page at […]

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Social Networking But Were Afriad To Ask

Misconceptions about social networks abound.  Here are some of the most common myths:

Myth Number One About Social Networking: Social networks are just a passing fad…

An astounding TWO-THIRDS of the world’s one billion internet users are involved in a social network. (Nielsen) And according to Alexa (a site which tracks the popularity of websites), seven of the top 20 most visited web sites in the world are social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook or YouTube. But the social networking arena is not just about these big sites;  thousands of smaller social networking sites are cropping up daily..  This is why Charlene Li (author of Groundswell) has very famously stated that “Social networks will be like air”.  Without advertising or any kind of structured campaign to feed its fire, social networking has caught on very big in a very short period of time. Social networking is not going to go away anytime soon.

Myth  Number Two About Social Networking: Its  just for kids

Nearly  half of all adults participating online are members of social networks.(Forrester). For example, In February 2009, the number of people on Facebook over 35 increased by 23% , compared to 2008, with a particularly rapid growth among the over 45 group. The older crowd is using all forms of social media at record rates, with a 59% increased use in social networks between 2008 and 2009.

In sum, if  you think your consumer is not part of the social media craze, you may want to reconsider.

Myth Number Three About Social Networking:  Social networking is just a side gig alongside ‘real’ media like newspapers and television.

One of the most exciting  shifts in recent years is that our sources of information have broadened greatly. Some […]

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