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Winning With The Web Wheel

The Web Wheel is an easy-to-use, accessible tool that explains how each area of social media works and will help you choose which tools you should use to support your business and communication strategy. This is a must have tool as you start to build your social media program.

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Be A Social Media Superstar Series

The Social Media Superstar System is separated into 7 key steps which are covered in four webinar videos. Each video has a set of notes, a written transcript and an audio version. In addition, there are several how-to videos, work sheets and resource links designed to help you become a social media superstar.

The community is set up so you will have access to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Master The New Net

Silver Club

As a member of the Silver Club, you will receive access to the following audio download every month:

  • The audio will be two interviews with expert’s in the social media field or a small company/solo entrepreneur that has had a successful experience with social media.
Add to Cart US $29/month (recurring) Master The New Net (Silver Audio Series)

Mastering Web 2.0

Transform Your Business Using Key Website and Social Media Tools

Mastering Web 2.0 helps make sense of the confusing array of marketing options the internet offers. Susan Rice Lincoln, an online branding and communications expert, gives a complete and realistic picture of Web 2.0 without being overly technical. Speaking to a busy business audience, Lincoln helps executives choose which social media tools are appropriate for their companies or brands. She explains the potential of blogging, video casting, article and e-mail marketing, social media, search engine optimization, viral marketing and podcasts.

US $24.95 (Subject to Change) Mastering Web 2.0 (Sold Only at Amazon)

– Review By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) The coming of the internet has altered normal business practices for ever. That’s why any entrepreneur or corporate executive must become computer literate and know how to use web sites and other social media tools — many of which did not even exist as recently as a decade ago. That’s why “Mastering Web 2.0: Transform Your Business Using Key Website And Social Media Tools” by Susan Rice Lincoln is such an invaluable instruction manual. A professional online marketing consultant, Lincoln draws upon her years of experience and expertise to explain how such online social media as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others, have altered and affected communications. Readers will learn how to insure that their web strategy is effective, search engines are optimized in their behalf, the use of articles to establish themselves as leaders in their particular niche, the use of blogs and podcasts to enhance business performance and reinforce customer loyalties, and so much more. Anyone charged with the responsibility of insuring their business can compete successfully in today’s volatile and competitive marketplace in this age of the internet would be exceptionally well advised to give a close and careful reading to Susan Lincoln’s “Mastering Web 2.0″.