Tired of hearing the same old social media suggestions?

Here are 10 suggestions you may want to consider to spice up your social media programme in 2010:

  • ·        Consider using less-known networks that cater to business owners or neighborhood businesses:

o       Biznik

o       BizSugar

o       Foursquare

o       Gowalla

  • ·        Strapped for time?

o       Create an editorial calendar for Facebook and your blog so you can create content in a seamless manner

o       Re-purpose your blog content in as many ways as possible

§         Podcasts

§         Videos

§         Articles

§         Offline media (newspapers)

  • ·        Incorporate  Flickr into your social media mix. Everyone loves a photo; integrate your Flickr photostream on your website
  • ·        Add some social elements onto your website

o       Polls

o       FAQs with a YouTube video

o       Mini consumer forum where your customers can ask questions and share thoughts

·        Consider creating podcasts to share some of your content.

o       Interview people

o       Read your blog posts out loud

  • ·        Place your social media addresses on all the communications you distribute (flyers, pamphlets)
  • ·        Identify your biggest fans on Twitter and Facebook and reward them with a free service/product.  And then tell your community about it.
  • ·        Reach out to other bloggers in your industry.
  • ·        Use some basic YouTube videos to give customers a fun, behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company
  • ·        Don’t forget off-line; follow up social media connections with ‘real-life’meetings or a phone conversations