While the trip from San Francisco to Paris is only 14 hours, jet lag bites hardest when you go west to east. So, it isn’t until today that I have been able to curl up-with a clear head- and review the line-up of ideas that we all enjoyed at the Inbound Marketing Summit conference last week in San Fransisco.

Something old, something new…there was something for all of us.  Familiar ideas well worth revisiting as well as fresh concepts.
Here are my favorites:

1. In the 21st century, it doesn’t make sense to market to a nameless, faceless prospect when you can easily segment.
2. Your website should speak to specific buyer personas VERSUS talking about your products.

3. No one cares about your products.  What they Do care about is themselves and finding solutions to their problems.

4. Dare to lose control.

5. Think like a publisher

6. Community is about creating opportunities for moments.

7. Social media is not about technology.  It is about relationships.

8. You need to be ready to fail…just like in any relationship.

9. Your website is your sixth man.  Use it to listen carefully to your consumer.

10. Blend communities within your website; your website should be a social media hub rather than a static entitity.  Most websites today are like billboards in a desert.

11. The last 50 years has been about an interruption-based outbound world.  The next 50 years will be about an inbound world.

12. Learn from BarackObama.com.  Learn even more from Michelle Obama.

13. Email is the digital glue of the Web.  The inbox is going social.

14. The PR Release is changing dramatically and needs to be visible to social media.

15. Your objectives govern your metrics.

16.Evaluate systematically. Respond individually.

17. Make your video a spectacle with a story, emotions, conflict and questions.

18. With social media, a single individual with expertise can achieve great visibility.

19. Social media is not one more tool like direct mail.

20. If you cannot provie it is improving sales, don’t use it.

21. You must trust the messenger before you trust the message.

22. A mediocre blog is worse than no blog at all.

23. What gets measured gets managed.

24. Average is fatal.

25. Social media is being used by corporations who are themselves anti-social

26. To date, social media has been long on tactics and short on strategy.

27. Social media brings a new dimension to the word international.

28. Increase value OF your company, not TO your company

29. Think beyond yourself.

30. Where do you want to go?  What impact do you want to have on the world? Don’t focus on the gas station that get you where you are going (i.e. the money that ‘fills’you up).  Focus on your destination instead.