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In 2011, the Android share of the US smartphone market has surged while Blackberry has dropped. According to comScore, Android phones constitute around 30% of the market, BlackBerry is second with 29% and Apple third with 25%.

One of the results is there is a mad rush to create more Android apps.

In March, there were 333,000 iPhone applications in its App Store.  But Google’s Android Market has 206,000 apps and its growing fast.  Experts are assuming that the Android Market will take over in terms of quantity of apps very shortly.

In March 2011, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace had 12,000 applications, Nokia Ovi Store had 30,000 and Blackberry had 27,000.

Advertisers of all sizes are seeing the potential to target consumers on smartphones and tablet computers.  Some experts argue that the mobile app is one of the most powerful vehicles for ads that have ever existed because it is both one-on-one and location-based.

Still there are two questions on everyone’s mind.  First, how can you get noticed given the already crowded app marketplace?  And second, how can you make money with your app?

Consumers love ‘free’ so advertisers need to be clever how they monetize whether it is through advertising, selling virtual goods or making money from in-application transactions.

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