Here are some mistakes that you will want to avoid making when it comes to your QR Code campaign:

• Don’t make the barcode too small. Anything less than 1 inch X 1 inch cannot be scanned by most phones

• Don’t put your QR code inside reflective product packaging that will cause glare.

• Don’t put your QR code in a subway where there is no internet connection

• Don’t attach your QR code to the end of a 30-second TV spot that won’t give any normal human being time to scan it

• Don’t put a barcode on a highway billboard; the motorist zooming by will never be able to scan it. Think instead about placing your QR code where people are waiting in lines and have a lot of time. Or what about the bathroom stall? Statistics prove that a lot of people bring their smartphones with them (literally) everywhere. And of course you can’t get more personal—or local—than that!

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