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Mobile social networkingA very interesting study came out which shows that department stores are the true leaders in terms of e-commerce, m-commerce and social media.

Not only have their deft use of the new media helped them boost their bottom lines; they have also succeeded in capturing the attention of younger target consumer segments.

The survey was conducted by Digital IQ and measured retailers’ use of social media, mobile commerce and overall digital marketing. Macy’s won first place both because of its social media and its “The Magic of Macy’s” mobile platform. Nordstrom ranked 3rd, Bloomingdale’s 8th, Neiman Marcus 12th and Saks Fifth Avenue 13th.

Macy’s award is unsurprising. They boast a strong integration of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and also have an innovative smartphone campaign. Their Twitter page gives followers the option to follow their full feed or ‘sub-feeds’ around certain topics like Macy’s Events, registry and Impulse. These options give followers a personalized experience and therefore offer better brand engagement. Macy’s smartphone initiative allows its customers to scan QR codes in store in which they can then get fashion advice from celebrities and fashion experts.

Even better it looks as though department stores have actually been able to increase their sales by using social and mobile media. In FY2011, Nordstrom reported a 25.2% increase in online sales, Neiman Marcus enjoyed an 11.0% year-on-year increase for the period May-July 2011 and Saks Direct soared 14$ in the second quarter of 2011. In sum, department stores appear to have successfully combined social media and mobile to turbo-charge their sales performance.

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