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monilr spplivsyionApparently, apps are being created for many purposes and in many industries including the legal industry!

In July 2011, the Internet law specialist Aaron Kelly announced the release of a new iPhone and Android-compatible legal app.

The Kelly Law Firm created their app in order to help clients get up-to-date information on their case.  The app integrates interactive features like secure online payment, live chat and Basecamp.  With the Basecamp, clients can view their case ‘to-do’ list and monitor the status of their lawsuit.  In addition, they will have 24/7 acccess to their legal documents by using a secure ‘dropbox’ folder.

So, with just a few taps, any given client can know how their case is progressing and stay in contact with the Kelly Law Firm.

You can download the App for free using the link below:


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