I have the honour to speak at the IMC conference on May 27th  in Stockholm, Sweden. I will be doing a joint presentation with Patrick Scwerdtfeger called Social Media Snapshots which will cover the basics of Social Media with a Q&A session. The keynote speaker will be Mitch Joel.   If you happen to be available, it is still not too late to sign up. Here is the full agenda:

Agenda Success Day

Stockholm | Sweden | May 27, 2009 | Wednesday
8:00–8:30 Registration and Refreshments
Arrive in good time, register, and enjoy breakfast.

Internet Marketing Conference Begins
Get an introduction to IMC, the speakers, the sponsors and the venue. Learn about our plans for the future.

Lars Nordstrom, Conference Chair
Lennart Svanberg, Producer/Director
Lars Johansson, Program Director


Combining the Best of the Web by Maria Ziv and Tommy SollénVisitSweden

Learn how VisitSweden (Swedish Travel and Tourism Council) strengthens the relationship with its audience through visitor interaction and how it creates real results from cost-efficient communication.

The VisitSweden website encorporates inspirational photography, visitors’ stories, mashups, tags, voting, embedded YouTube videos —you name it. VisitSweden strives to be at the forefront of website development and is continuously looking for new ways to reach its audience.

Maria Ziv is Marketing Communications Director at VisitSweden. She has previously been European Advertising Manager at Apple Computer.

Tommy Sollén is Social Media Manager at VisitSweden. He has previously worked for TV3, Vattenfall Data and WM-data.


Top 12 SEO Tips for 2009 by Gary R. Beal, Vanguard SEO

Learn how to increase your rankings, monitor the competition, and dominate search engines. Topics ranging from link sculpting to latent semantic analysis will be discussed. But don’t worry: they will be presented in an easy-to-understand format. You’ll also find out about several dozen free tools ready to be used by you.

Gary R. Beal is Managing Director for Vanguard SEO and has been in the search engine optimization field for 12 years. He is a favorite speaker at many gaming, social networking, and dating conferences. He has previously worked for Stickyeyes and has worked for many years in lead aggregation for highly competitive industries such as online gaming, banking, insurance, and travel.

10:20–10:45 Coffee Break

How to Use the Six Conversion Rate Factors to Lift Your ROI by Chris GowardWiderFunnel

Conversion optimization is the art and science of scientifically testing layout and content changes to your website that maximize your leads and sales. Case studies from Rudder.com, ColonialCandle.com, and MerchantWarehouse.com using the WiderFunnel LIFT Model will illustrate how to profit from this proven process for continuous improvement.

Chris Goward, Cofounder and CEO of WiderFunnel Marketing, is one of the leading experts on website conversion rate optimization. Chris developed the Kaizen Methodâ„¢ and LIFT Modelâ„¢, which is taught at the University of Eastern Michigan Conversion Optimization course for creating top-performing landing pages and conversion funnels. He has helped lift conversion rates for companies such as Epson, Google, and SAP. His work has been published in Marketing Sherpa, Search Engine Watch, the Google blog, Search Engine Marketing Journal, and DM News. You’ll find him on Twitter at @chrisgoward.


Making Social Media Profitable by Susan Rice-Lincoln, Master The New Net, and Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Tactical Execution

Find out how to use key social media tools to turbo-charge and transform your business. Learn about the European and North American perspective.

Susan Rice-Lincoln is Europe’s leading social media expert and author of Mastering Web 2.0. She has over 20 years of in-depth international communications experience with companies such as Nike, Ericsson, Lego, Wrangler, Quaker Oats, and several large advertising agencies.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger, located in California, is the author of Make Yourself Useful, Marketing in the 21st Century and the founder of Tactical Execution, a company that leverages progressive marketing strategies to build credibility and exposure for its clients. His podcasts have been downloaded over 30,000 times in 27 countries, and his articles have been published on thousands of different websites.

11:45–13:00 Lunch

Keynote: The Key to Success in Online Marketing by Mitch Joel, Twist Image

Learn how to stay on top during tough times from one of the sharpest minds in the world.

Mitch Joel is President of Twist Image and was invited to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California, when Google wanted to explain online marketing to the top brands in the world (including Wal-Mart, Costco, Sears. and Sephora).

Marketing Magazine dubbed him the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing.” In 2006 he was named one of the most influential authorities on blog marketing in the world.

Mitch is a board member for the Canadian Marketing Association and speaks frequently to diverse groups such as Starbucks, Google, Unilever, Shop.org, Visa, and Microsoft. In addition he has shared the stage with the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton as  Anthony Robbins and Dr. Phil.


Panel: The Most Bang for Your Buck—Cost-Effective Online Marketing

There is no business without marketing. Take the opportunity to ask our experts about everything related to Internet marketing, be it banners, widgets, sponsored links, social media, video, SEO, or any other method of reaching out. Learn how to attract quality traffic.


Stefan Lechere, Vice President, Business Development EMEA, Netvibes (expert on widgets)

Neil Trigger, CEO, Myo International (expert on psychological influencing techniques)

Sascha Firle, Head of Nordic Internet Sales, Trygg-Hansa and RSA Scandinavia (expert on combining different methods to drive traffic)

Anders Signell, Director Online Sales at SAS (expert on combining various methods)

Darren Pereira, President & Cofounder, Indusblue Inc. (expert on mashups and social audio and video)

Rebecca Kelley, Internet Marketing Consultant, SEOmoz.org
(expert on SEO, SEM, and affiliate marketing)

Honour Pearson, VP Business Development, Momail (previously business development manager at VeriSign, Jamba! GmbH and Lycos Europe)


Panel: Tough Times Call for Tough Measures—Are There Any Resession-Proof Online Strategies?

When strategy gets tough, the tough get smarter. Take the opportunity to ask our experts how to create an online strategy that will improve your business during a downturn, or ask them any other questions about how you can become better at achieving your goals online.


Carola Lundell, Head of Digital Strategic Services, Electrolux (she has previously worked for Amadeus Scandinavia, Icon Medialab, and founded Compost Marketing)

Alex Grechanowski, Senior Marketing Executive & Web Optimizer, Pikaba.com (expert on SEO)

Daryle Lockhart, Cofounder, Lockford IMD (expert on online video)

Freddy Sobin, E-commerce Director, Haléns (expert on combining various methods)

Rufus Lidman, Chief Strategy Consultant, Anegy (frequently hired lecturer, blogger, and writer)

Anders Kyhlstedt, CMO and Cofounder, Booli (named in 2008 the #1 online entrepreneur by IDG magazine Internetworld)

Jack Melcher-Claësson, Cofounder and Vice President at Traveas.com (and previously Online Sales Manager Nordic at MTV Networks International and CEO of Torget.se, one of Sweden’s largest e-commerce portals)

Mikael Zackrisson, Web Manager, Veckans Affärer (seasoned business magazine manager)

15:15–15:40 Coffee Break

Your Eyes Don’t Lie—What Works and What Doesn’t in Advertising by Mihkel Jäätma, Realeyes

The most efficient models for maximizing visibility of display ads will be showcased during this presentation. You will get introduced to eye-tracking, the next generation optimization tool. It will allow you to manage ad efficiency from an engagement perspective.

Mihkel Jäätma is Director and Cofounder of Realeyes Data Services, the first quantitative eye-tracking research company in the world.


Truly Understanding Visitor Behavior by Ewald Hoppen, wehkamp.nl

A market-leading online retailer from the Netherlands will present its online customer experience strategy. They have taken the next step and are looking beyond analytics to fully understand why their customers are leaving the website without buying.

wehkamp.nl has adopted a multichannel approach to offer every customer the channel and medium of their choice to shop at distance, and the company has grown to become the largest and best-rated e-retailer in the Netherlands.

Ewald Hoppen is Senior Web Analyst for wehkamp.nl. Before joining wehkamp.nl in 2005, Ewald lectured at the University of Groningen in master’s level courses such as E-Commerce, Marketing Information Management and Marketing Research. At wehkamp.nl he has been responsible for improving knowledge about online customer behavior.


Websites Gone Bad: When Small Design Flaws Cost Big Money by Tom Cahalan, Lost Ferret Limited

Learn about the fundamental breakdowns in conversion that even high-end CMS are guilty of, and find out which small changes you can implement on your website to improve your conversion rate on the lesser-known pages.

Tom Cahalan is the Owner and Managing Director of Lost Ferret Limited, a company developed to help improve customers website conversion rates. He has helped turn startups into multimillion companies, along with working with established companies, such as Caterpillar, in improving their online sales.

17:00 Drink & Snacks in the Sponsor Area