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Mobile couponsPing4 is one of many companies who are applying the social coupon model to mobile.  What Ping4 does is uses GPS location to totally localize ‘deals of the moment’ to customers.

Many services already offer location-based coupons in some form or another. Groupon’s Now service will search out smartphones in the vicinity of timely available deals.

Ping4 goes one step farther.  If a Ping4 user passes within a preset radius of a business offering a deal will get notified on their phones about the deal.  What this means is that instead of the customer searching out nearby deals, Ping4 does that for them and notifies the consumer only of deals that he/she can use immediately.

Of course, being pinged with a coupon as you drive around a shopping center has the potential to really annoy.  To solve that, Ping4 has a settings menu that allows customers to control and customize what kind of deals they are offered. Ping4 also has a setting called the Driver’s Advantage which sends an audio file to the phone that will read out the details of the deal as the customer drives.

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