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Most people equate online video with YouTube.  While YouTube is a huge giant, there are other video share sites out there.   I recently ran across an excellent review  on Top10 Reviews about video share sites.  Here are some of the highlights:


Originally started in Israel, Metacafe is now based in California and enjoys a huge following in the US as well as other English-speaking countries. The site’s excellent content is easy to find while the community is vibrant.  .

The videos submitted to Metacafe are reviewed by a panel of 80,000 community members, One big advantage of this system  is the lack of duplicates, making the site feel orderly, well-organized and uncluttered. 

Metacafe’s popularity is in part due to the fact that it pays people for posting videos. Once 20,000 people have seen your video, Metacafe will pay you $5 per 1000 views.  If your video gets millions of views, this is obviously a very interesting option.

This video share site specializes in humorous videos.  In addition, you can find videos on sports, entertainment and the military which attract its predominantly male audience.  But if you are looking for humor (whether you are male or female), this is a great site to visit.  

Google Video

 This video share site boasts more searchable categories than any other. You can search by category, search box or even use Google’s advanced search feature. The quantity of videos is large and the quality excellent.  It tends to have more informational videos than other video share sites.

Google has one of the largest viewing windows, taking up to one-third of the monitor.  Despite its size, there is still plenty of room for comments, ratings and playlists. 

True to Google, it […]


We are all looking to save time, particularly when it comes to managing our social media programs.  One great way of doing that is by using tools that help us automatically share information to several sites at the same time.  

Tubemogul is the leading tool which will help you share your videos to all the key video share sites.  I recently ran across a  Squidoo article which describes the benefit of using Tubemogul.  Here are some of the highlights of the article: 

As we all know, no one can resist the power of video.  Video can help you share  information about your company, your products, your ideas and YOU in a quick and entertaining fashion.  Video is an excellent way to boost your profile online that everyone should be using.   .

Not surprisingly, most people equate YouTube with video online.  But as I have outlined in some of my recent posts, there are many other video share sites besides YouTube.  They may not be as enormous as YouTube but this is a positive; hey offer you the benefit of making a bigger splash in a smaller pond.

The problem is if you have to upload your video individually to each video share site, this will quickly become cumbersome, time-consuming and inefficient.  

Enter Tubemogul.  With Tube Mogul, all you have to do is upload your video once and it will be automatically uploaded to dozens of video share sites. With one push of the button, you will  have a huge presence.    Even better, the service will also give you information on how your video performs on each site.  You can begin to understand when, where and how often your videos are watched so you can really get a grasp on […]


Everyone loves watching a good online video.    But what about posting videos yourself?

Video has evened out the playing field.   Video used to be only available to big companies with big budgets.  Now, with easy editing, inexpensive cameras and universal broadband, video is open even to individuals and solo entrepreneurs. 

Here is a list of how you can use video-fast, easy and effectively:

1. Go out and buy yourself a Flip camcorder.  They are the best invention since sliced bread and a 2 year old can operate them.  They are inexpensive (a little under $200) and have surprising high quality.  The best benefit is they have a built-in USB key so once you have filmed, it takes all of 2 seconds to upload your video to your website, YouTube and beyond. 

2. Record all your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that you normally post on your website.  Its much more fun to hear the FAQs read out by someone you can watch than to scroll through a long list.   

3. Write a list of the 20 best tips you can give to your audience.  Then make a video (not  more than 90 seconds long) about each tip.  Post them on your website, YouTube and other video sharing sites,

4. Interview experts or even customers in your industry.  .  Keep your interviews short.

5. Use video to show off your latest product.  If it’s a physical product, you can record with the Flip.  If it is an online product, consider using Camtasia.

6. Post your videos throughout your Social Media space—not just on YouTube.

7. If you know someone is really happy with your product, send them a Flip as a gift and ask them to record a customer testimonial. They will love you for it.  And future […]

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