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Mastering The Facebook Universe

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Facebook is its own universe but I daily talk to small businesspeople who aren’t sure how best to maximize its potential.
Because so much of Facebook is happening on mobile phones nowadays, if you are interested in mobile, you HAVE to be interested in Facebook.
Here are some tips on how you can make Facebook work better for you:

1. Great Content. One of my key mantras has always been that without great content, it is difficult to have positive social media results. Fresh content in particular is crucial. One tool I use is a monthly calendar which tracks out exactly what I need to create in advance both in terms of subject and format (blog posts, videos, articles, tweets, reports, podcasts).

2. Talk to your fans. Answer their questions. Encourage your fans to ask you questions and make sure you are there with constructive, positive tips. You might even want to consider creating an FAQ or resource center right on your Facebook Fan Page.

3. Be personal. Set out time at least once a day to actually comment on other people’s posts. Check out your fans, press on their avatars and go to their pages. Post there and comment on what they are talking about. Be personal! Don’t be stiff and whatever you do don’t try to sell. People do business with people they know and like.

• Share content you find.

Share what your fans say

. Share what influencers in your field say.

Even share thoughts and ideas that are generated from people outside your field. The more you share, the wider […]

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Checking In With Foursquare

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Foursquare is a location-based social networking site.

When users engage in Foursquare, they can use their GPS-enabled mobile phones to ‘check-in’ to their favorite venues and then awards them points and badges for visiting. A user can update his location ‘on-the-go’ and also connect to other social networks (Twitter, Facebook) in order to share their location with friends outside Foursquare.

Foursquare recently updated their site to include custom brand and user pages. The update not only encourags interactions between Foursquare users it also provides an added incentive for brands to join Foursquare. To create a page, users need to upload a photo to their account and post a minimum of five tips. There is also a simiplified start-up for brands who can now join with their Twitter accounts.

Before this update was made, users could not have access to information left by people outside their network of approved friends. With the update users can follow other pages and ‘check-in’ to locations, leave tips and ratings without having to be physically at the venue. When a user ‘follows’ another user, fans will have access to the tips the user has left for locations all over the world.

Brands will have the option to create a customized page which can include a brand image and a custom URL. The social site previously operated on closed networks where users did not have access to information left by anyone outside their network of approved friends. This shift would allow users to follow other pages and ‘check-in’ to locations to leave tips and ratings […]

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Foursquare-A Must Have For Any Local Business

(Want to learn more about how to succeed in mobile marketing?  Please download my free “Secrets to Successful Mobile Marketing” video now)

As the premier local social media networking site, Foursquare now boasts 10 million users and has experienced an exponential growth since its inception a few years ago. As a local business, you should definitely make sure that you have a presence on Foursquare. It is an excellent site to build your local business presence, makes you easier to find for the consumer ‘on the go’, can potentially give you a great SEO boost and will help build local foot traffic to your establishment. Getting involved in Foursquare is even more important now that Foursquare has teamed up with Groupon… With this match, the user gets the double power of the leading local social network and the seemingly insatiable hunger for daily deals. While Groupon is not Foursquare’s only daily deal partner (it is rolling out partnerships with LivingSocial, Gilt City, AT&T Interactive, BuyWithMe and Zozi), it is certainly the biggest. US Foursquare users will now see Groupon’s daily deals in the Explore tab of the application as well as on As a user, you will get to see Groupon Now deals that are available in your neighborhood. As users go out into their city, they will be able to check out participating Groupon merchants on Foursquare whether they are restaurants or services. You can purchase your Now! Deal and apply it directly to your purchase.

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How To Truly Succeed With Social Media

Millions have toyed around with social media tools.  Not as many have gotten social media to work for them to bring in real business results like enjoying huge boosts in traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates and lucrative joint ventures.

So what is the secret to having social media success with your business?

Here are just a few:

Make sure that your social media tools (i.e. Twitter, Face book LinkedIn and YouTube) are working hard for you.  Set them up with a great profile of yourself and coherent branding

Link all your social media tools together so that when you tweet or blog or post a video, your fans and followers on other platforms will be able to see it

Target your conversations towards the people you really want to attract.  Use tools like (a sort of Yellow Pages for Twitter) to find the people you want to follow.

Create on-going, interesting and original content all the time.  No content means empty conversations which translate into no results.

Build relationships. Do not sell on social media.  You can sell to your new-found friends and followers on your website or blog but NOT on the social media platforms.

If you would like to know more, join The Wise Women Of The Web Teleseminar Series. You will hear Christine Gallagher, a foremost social media expert who has developed a successful social media system for businesses, as well as 11 other female internet stars.

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Why Your Blog Must Be At The Center of Your Online Efforts

Blogs are the original social media.  When they first arrived on the scene, blogs constituted a veritable social media breakthrough, finally allowing us to easily create our own content (i.e. be our own publisher) and conduct ongoing 2 way conversations with our fans and followers.

If it isn’t already, your blog should absolutely be at the center of your social media and online presence.   Your blog will deliver you the following benefits:

A blog allows you to quickly establish authority in your field.

A blog gives you a fast way to get input from your customers so that you can understand their problems, needs and opinions about your products and services. This ensures you will deliver exactly what your specific target audience needs.

A blog is an SEO gift from heaven; it will help your search engine optimization efforts immeasurably.   When you post 2-3 times a week, you will be giving Google exactly what it wants and it will help greatly with your position in Google.  So instead of being on page 20 where no one will find you, a blog will help you reach the coveted top 3 positions on the first place so that your prospect can find you.

A blog is the backbone of your web presence.  All the content you create with your blog posts can then be shared and repurposed into podcasts, videos, tweets, Face book comments and conversations.  Without this backbone, your social media and online efforts will just be a bunch of fragmented, unrelated conversations, with no beginning and no destination.

A blog gives you an internet home.  So when someone arrives at your blog, make absolutely sure that you have integrated an opt-in box (and free report) so that people will give […]

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Sizing Up Twitvid’s SocialAds

TwitVid, Twitter’s hosting service, launched a new product this week called SocialAds. The goal of SocialAds is straightforward—it is to get you (or your brand) more Twitter followers and/or retweets of your advertisements. In other words, the service in essence allows you to buy Twitter followers and retweets.

Buy your Twitter audience?  That, to me flies in the face of the original spirit and intent of Twitter which was about freely conversing with people with whom you shared a common interest.  Buying a Twitter audience harks back to the mass media days when we bought impressions for the privilege of broadcasting our advertisement.

This is how SocialAds work.  You create your account and then setup an ad campaign.  The ad campaign will focus on obtaining new followers or retweeting your ad  The ads themselves are displayed within videos hosted by TwitVid . You pay only when the desired action is complete.

The bidding begins at $1US dollar per follower and $.75 per retweet.  Whoever is the higher bidder will receive better placement.

According to TwitVid, participating brands can receive more than 400 new followers in less than an hour.  Their statistics also show that 2% of the viewers who are shown an ad will then follow the brand.  However, there are no numbers which can guarantee that those followers will remain connected with the brand after a month and beyond.

This feels like advertising to me.  This feels like the old world.

What is equally troubling is it appears that Twitter is considering offering the same kind of product.  If you want more people reading your tweets, Twitter may offer you additional followers for a price.  Think of it as a “Promoted Tweeter” product, which is designed to bump up […]

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Understanding Foursquare

Despite all the hype, there still seems to be some confusion about what Foursquare ‘really ‘is and why a business (or an end user) might want to use it.
Many consider New York-based Foursquare to be one of the hottest internet properties around. Like Twitter when it first came out, Foursquare has been the talk of the town in 2010.
The concept behind Foursquare is simple; you share your location. You use your cell phone or mobile device to «check-in” with your friends. The places you can check into are endless ranging from cafes and bars to restaurants, parks, offices and museums. Once your friends know where you are, they can then recommend places for you to go or things to do.
But that is just the beginning. Foursquare is a social game as well. The service gives you points for each check-in and you can ultimately earn various badges for frequent visitation to a certain place as well as other VIP treatment. And if you have visited a place more often than anyone else, you will be recognized as the mayor of that location. As a mayor, you will be offered special discounts and free links.
The naysayers wonder if identifying your whereabouts is really such a great idea and are concerned about the privacy implications. But Foursquare management is quick to point out that their social network is quite safe and that ultimately you inform only your Foursquare friends and can choose when you want them to know where you are.
Foursquare has attracted some big businesses into its fold. For example, Starbucks has a deal with the company; you earn a “Barista badge” if you check-in five times with the retailer.
Starbucks, like many companies, see Foursquare […]

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Social Media…The New Small Business Playground?

Many small businesses assume that social media is the playing ground only for big businesses.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  As the efficacy of old staples like the Yellow Pages plummet, now is the time to invest in social media.  You may even find that being small is a huge competitive advantage.

Why?  You are more nimble.  You can respond much more quickly to prospect inquiries.  If you are set up properly, you can literally respond to all the touch points on your Social Web.  Every time someone talks to you or mentions you, you can be there.  You have a serious competitive advantage over a big business who simply would not be able to do that.

Jenifer Van Grove, in a recent Mashable article, had a great Twitter idea for small businesses. She suggests that you build a separate Twitter Lists to cater to each type of consumer you have.  Separating out your customers into different categories and groups enables you to conduct  personalized and targeted conversations, not to mention excellent customer service.

The way you group your customers is at your discretion.  So, imagine you are a florist shop or a local café.  You could create a list for your most loyal clients and even give out special coupons or offerings to this group.  It is like a VIP service and will make those clients feel they are a special, pampered elite.  (Seeing this, your less regular customers very well want to have this type of treatment as well!)

Small is the new big.  There is nothing like social media to level out the playing field. 

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