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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We all understand intuitively that our online marketing is more powerful when it contains images.  Adding images to our online marketing campaigns is an incredibly easy thing to do and it gives us a huge edge on marketers who are still living in a ‘text-only’ world.

Images cross cultural and social boundaries.  The social media world, with the introduction of new sites like Pinterest, is becoming increasingly image-centric.  Because of that it is getting more and more important to add images to all elements of your online marketing from social posts, products, articles, e-zines, blogs and beyond.

The Numbers

Here are some numbers which just prove our ‘intuition’ is correct.

Facebook users are twice as likely to interact with a post that has an image than with a static link.  Engagement levels increase 37% with image-driven content which means your post will be more likely to be ‘shared’ and ‘liked’
According to a recent study, 67% of consumers say that the quality of the product photos is a big factor in whether or not they ultimately purchase off of an e-commerce site.
In the same vein, when people are asked about online stores, they believe that high quality product images is more important than product-specific information (63%), a long description (54%) or even ratings or reviews (53%)
You will get a whopping 94% more views on your articles if you have attached images to them.
When you add an image (or video) to a press release, you will increase your views by 45%
When people search for a business, 60% of those searchers are more likely to visit that business if they see an image.
37% of web users say they pay attention more to a search result when an image is attached.

There are […]

Is There Method In The Online Madness? (Issue 1)

A very important light bulb went on the other day.
I suddenly understand.
The real problem with online marketing is NOT that people know too little.
The real problem is that people know TOO much. Too many articles. Too many tools. Too much advice. Too much to choose from!
Simply put, we are all collectively COMPLETELY CONFUSED.
Since I have spent the better part of a decade on the internet, I have seen and done it all.  I have created websites, been an affiliate, learned all about social media, dove into mobile.
But what I would like to share with you are not lots of bits and pieces are detailed technical information.  What I think is the most important is to ‘connect the dots’ and understand how all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together.  Without a coherent, global understanding of how all the ‘small subjects’ work together, you will continue to be confused and you will continue to be frustrated.

Here is a rough summary of what I’ve roughly dubbed as Susan’s Simple System.  There are 10 components and each is interlocked with the next. I have created this so that you can understand how all the ‘pieces’ of online marketing fit together.  I want you to be able to evaluate any product or system that you have in front of you within a context so you can then judge whether it is important to you.
Susan’s Simple System is made of TEN steps:

The Map
The Mindset
The Model
The Mouthpiece
The Magnet
The Message
The Monetization
The Marketing
The Manpower
The Metrics

Let’s explain each of the steps.
Step 1: The Map
As in anything in life, you can’t get anywhere if you don’t know where you are going!  You need a map.  You need to know where you are today, where […]

Why You Absolutely Must Build A List To Be Successful

As you have probably heard a thousand times, a list is indispensable to your online business success.
A list gives you the following benefits:

Build a solid relationship with your prospects and customers.

Gives you a destination where you can funnel your most loyal followers.

Offers an on-going vehicle to share content, resources, ideas, survey your clients and sell products.

But just having any old list of names isn’t good enough.  In order for you have a list that is responsive to your content and offers, it is essential that you list build with intent by going after your exact target audience.  So the first step in any list building campaign is to make sure that you have defined the precise audience you want to attract.

Once you have defined your target, there are some sure-fire methods which will help you attract people:

Article marketing

Press releases (both off and online)

Social media tools


Face book



Building your list has never been easier but you must be sure to do it in the right way.

If you want to learn more about list-building, tune into an interview with Wendy Moore who is an Australian online superstar and expert in list building.  She is one of the 13 featured speakers on the Wise Women of the Web teleseminar series.  Go to www.thewisewomenoftheweb.com to sign up for this free conference.

Wowing The World as A Web Celeb

What does it mean to become a Web Celeb?

Web Celeb is a term coined by Pat Sutton, an Internet luminary who has been listed on the Forbes list of Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow On Twitter.

Through trial and error, Pat realized that the only true way to success on the internet as a small business was to become a Web Celeb or in common day parlance, to become the dynamic and well-known face of your business.   To become a Web Celeb means that you will draw people towards you with ease, whether you want them to buy products or become part of your network or multi-level-marketing team.

Pat argues that what is important isn’t what you know or who you know but Who Knows You!  And that people will only join you when you become ‘larger than life’ on the web. Moreover, in this day and age of Google and social media, people want to know who the person behind the business is before they are ready to actually interact with or buy from you.

Simply put, the infamous Unique Selling Proposition for your business is YOU.  Not your products, but YOU.  And if you are building a multi-level-marketing or networking business, this becomes even more important because you are building up a group. If you have not positioned yourself correctly, no one will want to join your team.

In terms of specific steps to becoming a Web Celeb, you need to do the following:

Create a fantastic profile for yourself that is clear, coherent, full of testimonials and pertinent experience

Build a website around your profile

Share your profile throughout the Social Web

Make sure that you have full ownership of your website so that you can add content that […]

Why You Should Create An Online Hispanic Marketing Program

The Hispanic online marketing opportunity still remains relatively untapped, particularly by small or medium-sized businesses.

If you have ignored this community up until now, you may want to reconsider when you hear some of the following statistics:

The population of the US Hispanic community will quickly surpass the 50 million mark

The Hispanic community represents a whopping $1 trillion in buying power

Over 70% of the $1 trillion spent actually come from English-speaking Hispanics.  And the English-speaking Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment of the Hispanic community.

The average Hispanic consumer spends over 14 hours online every week

The spending power of Latinas (female Hispanics) is at the $500 million and is rapidly growing

Latinas spend an average of $60/month on beauty products versus the rest of the market where the average is $22/month.

Hispanics in general spend a mind boggling $250 billion in the telecommunications industry.

The statistics speak for themselves.  Marketing to the Hispanic community is an enormous opportunity that you simply cannot afford to ignore. But many are afraid to approach this community or they don’t do the marketing in the right way.

If you are interested in learning how to market correctly to this untapped trillion dollar market,  sign up right now for the FREE The Wise Women Of the Web teleseminar series www.thewisewomenoftheweb.com.  Lori Gama, who is a Hispanic marketing expert, will feature among the top female internet experts who will be interviewed throughout the week of August 30-September 3rd.

How To Create A Brilliant Brand

A good brand ties all your efforts together.  It is a clear message of who you are, who you want to target and what you have to offer that sets you apart.

The goal is that wherever anyone ‘meets’ your brand, their first experience with you will always be the same.  So if they meet you on Face book or LinkedIn or on your blog or at a live event, the impression they come away with should be exactly the same.

A brand is a guiding force.  Defining a brand is not about picking a business name and a logo. It is about establishing a big vision for your company.

And most importantly, you must be sure to identify down to the tiniest detail. If you just say you target ‘everyone’, you are essentially saying you target no one.  Having a precise target for which you provide a specific solution to a compelling problem is essential. an essential Pick a niche and get to know that target market as well as you know yourself.  You need to know what they struggle with, what excites them, what they love and hate.  The better you know your target, the stronger your brand (and the solutions you offer your target) will be.

Finally your brand is not something you develop once and then just forget.  You should re-evaluate your brand at least once a year to make sure that your current brand is reflective of where you are going.

If you want to learn more about the magic of branding,  sign up for the free teleseminar series The Wise Women of the Web www.thewisewomenoftheweb.com One of the 12 guest speakers is a branding aficionado, Jennifer Bourn and her presentation is a combination […]

How To Boost Business Results Through Online Radio Interviews

Amongst the great thunder and hype of various online marketing tools, one of the most powerful tools which is online marketing radio has somehow passed quietly underneath the radar.

Simply put,  getting interviewed on online radio is one of the most important things you can possibly do this year to enrich your marketing program.

The benefits of doing online radio interviews are great:

The return on investment cannot be beat; online radio interviews provide an easy, FREE way to market you, your company and your products and services

While you want to make sure you are not using the interview as a simple advertisement (the viewers ALWAYS want to hear content), an online radio interview will give you all the benefits of an infomercial in that it will spread the word about you.

Online radio interviews can help you quickly establish yourself as an expert and leader in your field.

There are thousands of radio shows to choose from so you can build your presence quickly

Doing online radio interviews are a convenient, time-friendly marketing tool you can use from the comfort of your living room or office

You will reach a much bigger audience than you normally could relying on ‘typical’ offline marketing strategies (attending local community meetings or using traditional local media). While your radio audience could range from anywhere from 10 to 1000, most radio shows are syndicated so will ultimately be heard by hundreds or thousands.

Instead of talking to a ‘general’ audience as you would on traditional mass media, you will be speaking to those who are actively searching information on YOUR topic of expertise.

In sum, using online radio interviews is a fantastic way to get your market’s attention.

If you want to find out more, just sign up […]

Beginning With The Basics

On my last post, I talked a little about ‘new beginnings’ (a la Independence Day) and how to begin to leverage the power of social media, you must always begin with the basics.

So, what are those basics?

First, is your brand.  A long-time branding expert, I know for a fact that the only way really to stand out in a sea of competitors is to make absolutely sure that your brand stands for something specific and unique.  Part of your branding is your look.  But the look and design of your brand is nothing but a reflection of the IDEA your brand stands for.  So many companies get this one wrong.  A banal descriptor of the products and services you sell is simply not enough.

To give you an example, I worked as a consultant for ASSA ABLOY, the world’s biggest lock company.  Yes, they stand for locks.  But the management understood that their company stood for much more.  They stood for security in an insecure world.  They didn’t just stand for locked, closed doors either.  Their brand was about making sure that when people opened the door of their home or business and went out into the world, they left with utter peace of mind.  ASSA ABLOY chose the tagline Unlock Your Life.  In other words, the point really wasn’t the locking (and the fear that implies) but the UNLOCKING i.e. the freedom that security brings.   This is branding par excellence.

The second basic is to understand your target market.   We left a mass media world behind many many moons ago. Today is all about niche marketing.  Your target market is no longer one single monolith but a series of precise niches.   Don’t think big.  Think […]

The Only Thing That Counts Is Content

When people talk about social media, they tend to talk about the various tools and how best to use them.

What people talk about far less is the CONTENT they are going to share with these tools. 

This is a mistake.  Because it is the content that makes the difference.

High-quality content and social media are like brilliant dance partners.  A perfect fit for each other, they combine to create a terrific show built on each other’s strengths. 

Social media is far and away the best way to distribute content. I can’t think of another medium which will get your content moving around in front of more (targeted) people better than the Social Web.     If you provide content that educates and entertains, it will travel far and fast on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr.  Social media did not invent content marketing-but it might as well have. 

On the other side of the equation, excellent content pumps energy into the Social Web.   Without it, social media would be dull and uninteresting.  Great content is what gives people the impetus to keep visiting a fan page, follow a Tweet stream or subscribe to a blog.

Very simply put, if you create content that is high-quality, solid, varied and worthy of attention, you can rest assured that people will show up to read/view it and talk about it.  Those people and their conversations will become the seed of your community and the promise of your business future. 

More than any other element, it is content that persuades people to return to your site.

It is content that inspires other bloggers to quote (and link to) you.

It is content that will get people to flock to your Twitter stream.

The […]

10 Ways To Creating First-Rate Content For The Social Web

High-quality content is absolutely crucial to your success on the Social Web. The problem is generating lots of interesting ideas consistently over time is no easy task.

Here are some tips on how to create superior content that will enhance your social conversation and grow your community.

Make sure you know exactly what you want to talk about. Do this by identifying a precise area of expertise upon which you want to build your reputation.

Once you have identified your subject area (s), generate a series of terms that relate to your subject. You can use Google keywords (free) or Wordtracker to help you

Research your terms. Go to sites like Google, Technorati or Delicious. Think about exploring your keywords adding phrases like How To, Helpful Hints or Top 10.

Keep track of topics that will appeal to your community and organize them in a file(either physical or online). .

Go offline. Unearth other ideas by reading magazines and newspapers, watching television and DVDs, or talking to prospects/customers.

Download the free software, Audacity, Record ideas or out of the ordinary personal stories which can be used as pertinent content. .

Use social bookmarking to keep track of remarkable websites, articles or blog posts which relate to your key terms.

Once you have generated at least 50 ideas, decide what form your content will take. Is this going to be a blog post? A tweet? A video?

Generate high-quality content. Make it easy to read (i.e. scan) with subheads, small paragraphs, bullet points and the integration of keywords Don’t forget to add visual images (photos, graphics and video) to bring your content alive.

Repurpose your content. Use every piece of content at least three ways. For example, a blog post can be made into a podcast, […]

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