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If you have mastered the art of email marketing, you may want to consider adding a new powerful tool into the mix.  SMS messaging
If you will, you can look at the mobile web as the glue between online and offline.  So text messaging basically delivers an online experience for customers on-the-go.
SMS marketing is a potent tool in your marketing arsenal.  There are many benefits.  First, it’s simple.  Second, most people view their SMS messages almost instantly.  With SMS, you can not only target your audience perfectly, you can almost guarantee they will see your message.
SMS messages on average boast a 97% open rate.  Even better, nearly 87% of messages are actually read within 15 minutes of their arrival.  So not only do most people read your message.  They will read it right away.
Despite all the power of SMS marketing, many business owners are confused where to begin.
Here are some tips:
1.    The first step obviously is to build your list.
2.    You will need to communicate to your consumers the benefits for receiving SMS messages from your brand.
a.    Use a mobile short code to acquire emails (thus getting both emails and mobile phone numbers simultaneously)
b.    Acquire mobile numbers through stores, events, billboards and TV ads
c.    Keep track of where you got your numbers as well as any pertinent demographic information in order to target future campaigns.
3.    Divide your SMS messages into time-sensitive communications, location-related communications and ‘first to know’ VIP communications.
a.    Time-Sensitive is perfect for one-time offers, new product arrivals or account reminders
b.    Location-based messages are good for customers within driving distance of a store, event or trade show.
c.    A VIP communications gives the recipient an advanced notice of pricing, limited quantity offers or special events.  This ‘first to know’ type of information makes the subscriber feel special as he can get a good deal before the rest of the crowd.
4.    Use SMS ads to drive customers to your mobile website.
5.    Make sure your purchase process is easy.  Store account and payment information so your customer can have easy, one-click ordering. Use promo codes or short URLs for specific promotions to track mobile response to a specific SMS campaign.

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