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Co-hosted by Super Affiliate and Master Trainer, Gary Gregory and Susan Rice Lincoln, President of Master the New Net

From: Susan Rice Lincoln

RE: Don’t Wait Any Longer…Learn How To Make The Social Web’s Magic Work For You..Starting From Today!

Dear Friend,

You have undoubtedly heard all the buzz about Facebook and Twitter and other social media tools. But you may have wondered if social media is something that could really help you in your life and business.

Well, if you are interested in figuring out how to finally SUCCEED AT social media…if you want to harness the power of the biggest communication revolution to hit since the introduction of television……then this may be the most important Webinar you will watch this entire year!

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My name is Susan Rice Lincoln. Nicknamed the ‘female David Ogilvy’, I am an extremely experienced international communications expert. I have run my own company for 20 years serving as a communications/branding advisor to some of the most prestigious companies in the world-LEGO, Nike, Ericsson and Wrangler to name a few. I am the author of the recently published Mastering Web 2.0 (Kogan & Page Publishers) and a Certified Media Consultant (diploma given by the Palo-Alto based Social Media Academy).

A few years ago I began to focus on social media. I quickly discovered that the most exciting aspect of the Social Web it its capacity to transform people’s lives. If people can combine their passion or area of expertise with the power of social media, they can not only tap into vibrant communities, but create hugely profitable businesses. These are exciting times for people who know how to tap into the power of the Social Web, which is why I have put together this Webinar and a process which explains how everyone – no matter what their area of interest and passion – can become a social media superstar.

In this Webinar, you will see how my social media formula will give you a hassle-free, efficient way to finally propel your life, your ideas and your business forward.

I will share big, surprising secrets about how you can unleash the power of social media. Even better, you will get information you can USE IMMEDIATELY to improve your social media efforts.

This WEBINAR is absolutely free.

Here’s just a small sampling of what I will cover on this unique, one-time-only Webinar event

* How to transform your life by linking your passion and area of expertise with the incredible power of social media!

* The dangers of ignoring the biggest communications revolution in the history of mankind.

* The Seven Biggest Tips To Help You Profit Quickly From The Social Web, including how to re-purpose your blog, simplify video, and organize your time.

* Why trying to sell on social media is a mistake but paradoxically how nothing can be more instrumental to putting money into your bank account.

* As many different, interesting, actionable ideas for a successful social media as I can squeeze into a 60 minute webinar

Bottom Line: On this 60-minute Webinar, you’ll discover more good insights and tips about how to create a successful social media program than you’ve ever heard anyone reveal before!

I guarantee this will be one of the most informative and profitable Webinars you have ever seen!

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