We no longer have the luxury of living in our own bubbles.  A world dominated by social media is a global world.  It is with fascination I read a recent study by Trendstream and Lightspeed Research (published by eMarketer) that details global patterns in how user-generated content is created. 


The United States

Slightly more than 44% of the Web users in the US have created a social network profile or uploaded photos on the internet. But of course this also means that almost 56% of US Web users have NEVER created a social network profile!  Interestingly, other user generated content like video, blogs and microblogs have a relatively much lower level of participation. At the bottom of the list is Twitter with a surprisingly low 7%. (It makes me wonder if Twitter has already reached its peak and will disappoint our once optimistic expectations).

The UK and Canada

The results in the UK and Canada were similar to the United States.  Once again, social network creation and photo-sharing were at the top of the list with video/blogs/microblogs falling at the bottom with much lower rates.


Japan shows a much different pattern than the US, UK and Canada in that there are far fewer Web users who create and manage social network profiles or upload photos. (One reason for this is because the survey only looked at PC-based activities and many of these activities in Japan are now mobile-based).


Even though Internet penetration is only 29.6% (eMarketer), participation in terms of uploading photos and writing blogs is quite high.  Nearly one-half write their own blog, almost 30% upload videos and 60% upload photos.  Interestingly, over one-fith use microblogging, which is far ahead more advanced economies.